A new level of consciousness for a new age - Issue 1

October 01, 2019

Can we create with our words?

By Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

By awakening the powers of the larynx, we can direct the divine force in order to heal ourselves and others. Through the vocal cords, located in the larynx, that sound is produced. The very miracle that allows life to be is found in the power of words. But those who know of this power and who possess it are very selective about who they share it with, in order to avoid abuse. Unknown to most, the word is intimately related with the four elements of Nature. Our word can be misused the same way that we misuse the sexual act. Misuse of words creates misfortunes. 

As mystics, we must achieve the perfection of the word and language. Interestingly, the astrological sign of Taurus rules the larynx and the neck. The creative or sexual fire becomes creative through the word. The larynx can be likened to a divine uterus where the word is born. The larynx will be the divine creative organ of the 6th Race. We must learn how to use the divine creative organ of the word (the larynx). It is Naam  that allows us to make our larynx the seat of our creative power.

By awakening the powers of the larynx, we can direct the divine force in order to heal ourselves and others. According to Plato, it is through music that a human can be most quickly attuned to the realm of the Archetypes. When mystics turn to music to express themselves, the whole moral and ethical tone of their life is elevated. The very gate of God is musical. The time has come to transmute our sexual creative fire so as to develop the possibilities of the larynx in order for human speech to become one with the Logos. It is then that humans will be able to create with the power of the word.

In the womb, in the fetus, the growth of the Larynx is associated with the development of the sexual organ. Through the practice of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibrating the sacred word we redirect our sexual power to the larynx. By developing the omnipotence of two principles in our larynx we will, in time, be able to command the forces of nature, and truly be creative like God.

Your health and your prosperity is connected to your breath. Working with the 4th track on the Naam Liberation album, Eck Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, will connect your human mind with the master mind so that the grace of the Creator will manifest in your life. In time, all diseases of the mind will leave you. Doing this mantra this way increases your life span by bringing your breath down to two breaths per minute.

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