A New Level of Consciousness for a New Age - Issue 4

October 04, 2019

When you go through depression, when you have fear or anxiety or when negative thoughts come into your mind and you don’t know what to do, take recourse in Naam. It is the supreme medicine that removes disturbances of the mind. Naam is based upon the omnipotence of God and it is the manifestation of divine truth which will set you free. It has the action of calming the spirit.

The scriptures state that, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." The practice of Naam meditation or vibrating the divine sound current feeds, heals and nourishes us in a way that goes far beyond the nourishment that any food or medicine can provide. The great sage and poet, Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj said through vibrating the name of God, in the form of the sound current everything becomes pure and auspicious. As a result your neighbors become pure, the atmosphere becomes pure, and even the sky and the earth become pure.

When the sacred word or Naam comes out of our mouth during our meditation and prayers they go back into our bodies through our ears and nervous system in order to heal us. The same way the negative, divisive and unloving words that come out of our mouth are vibrations that automatically go back into our body through our ears and nervous system which can disturb our mental, physical and emotional health. They have a far greater impact than any food or medicine we can consume.

Everything we say has vibrations that we consciously or unconsciously hear. Most people do not know that the ears not only control our sense of balance and rhythm, they are the conductors of our nervous system. Interestingly, science and research are now showing that our ears have a profound effect on our autonomic nervous system, and it is the way we express ourselves through our words that directly influences our state of being. What we hear  becomes written in the central nucleus of our brain. Our inner ear and the auditory nerve connects through various nerve pathways to all the major muscle groups and organs in the body. Whatever you hear is a vibratory expression of the word and that same frequency circles back into the body. Therefore, what we absorb by way of sound affects every automatic bodily function, including our breathing and heart rate. 

Vibrating the divine sound current is a communion with the Primary Principle which is the infinite perfect intelligence. It is the inner spiritual food of the human soul. No knowledge, no love, no wisdom in the world can be compared to the sacred words of power we are sharing in these communications. 

The repetition of the divine word has a tremendous healing and positive influence on the human mind. Naam is the divine power manifested in the sound current. Vibrating or meditating on the divine sound current transforms the negative thought patterns in the mind, and transmutes our body of pain so that we may manifest the Divine. The real cause of our “bondage” is not the environment but our own mental attitude.

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