A Healing Ritual for Winter Solstice, Christmas, and the New Year

December 17, 2004

Let the mystical fire contained within "Lumen de Lumine", the purifying heat of its spiritual energy, the burning heart of the Heavenly soul encapsulated in the light vibration of this sacred mantra, open your heart so you may express the infinite through your finite life. When you chant or listen to Lumen de Lumine, all your thoughts and actions are affected, transforming you into a spiritual sunflower turning toward the divine light of the Sun. This heavenly source acts as a magnet to draw all living matter into the realm of ultimate goodness as it simultaneously creates and regenerates all non-living matter for the perfect cosmic harmonium into which the Lord has designed all things for complete and absolute oneness in Him. Lumen de Lumine will open your heart, which is the center of light and the true medicine for humankind revealed by the spirit of God. It is the table the Lord laid for everyone, and the place where the true bread of the Angels is prepared. Working with the heart purifies matter by removing the pain, negative patterns and negative veils that trap us in darkness and separate us from our true nature. When the heart is open, regeneration is possible. Regeneration signifies a detachment from impure and corruptible matter. Our immortal being is released and we can once again reclaim our beautiful, loving, original, Adamic power. This is our divine birthright. Now, more than ever, we are called upon to open our hearts. When we open our hearts, we are united with the spiritual world. The bonds of ignorance fall away as the veils of illusion are removed. As a result, we are enlightened by wisdom, guided by truth and nourished by the flames of love. Our entire being is renewed and we become the dwelling place of God. In turn, we are granted the overseership of nature, intercourse with the higher worlds, and the visible enjoyment of communion with God.

Most mantras are beneficial, as they awaken the Divine within. Lumen de Lumine, however, is the effective mantra of light for this time. As the mantra of all mantras, Lumen de Lumine will bring the mental peace that allows the path of truth to become clear. It possesses the power to open the energy centers of the body, thereby harmonizing you with the vibration of this age. When sung from the neck lock, at the point where Prana and Apana meet Sushumana, its light vibration unties the knot of ignorance. Lumen de Lumine is a Divine secret that uplifts humanity, and those who use it will become enlightened and become one with the Divine. Moreover, Lumen de Lumine is the greatest Divine key, able to unlock time and liberate you from the cycle of reincarnation safely and quickly.

Lumen de Lumine is a light equal to trillions of sunrays, as it is the light vibration from the wheel of Cosmic Energy  the Great Central Sun. It is heavenly, giving energy that is the brightest of the bright and the sweetest of the sweet. This mantra of light dispels darkness and banishes evil from one's life, as it acknowledges the Glory of the Light of the Lord. It is easy to know truth, but difficult to live it. By chanting Lumen de Lumine, you will experience the continual flow of light from your inner self that transforms the behavioral patterns of day to day living. Indeed, the power of Lumen de Lumine lies in its ability to establish a vibration between self-consciousness and Supreme consciousness that will break down all subconscious barriers. In esoteric terms, from the self to the supreme self we cross, with the power of the creator, through the cosmic flow of consciousness. Lumen de Lumine acts as a connecting bridge.

Lumen de Lumine provides a direct link to the Fountain of Light, the One Cosmic Heart. When chanting or listening to Lumen de Lumine, you receive assistance from the Luminous Beings who are always ready to send strength and help through the finer forces of Nature. Those who have experienced Lumen de Lumine understand that it is a deep vibration of Love that moves through one's being and often brings the healing tears of heaven to one's heart. Lumen de Lumine is the mantra that ushers in the very Light of the Universe that brings healing and nurtures our souls. Therefore, let the nurturing power of the Divine that flows through the Lumen de Lumine prayer feed your energy and increase your spiritual light so that you may become a healing presence here on this earth. When you chant with this mantra, you will merge with the light of your heart. This light is the spirit of the Sun, the symbol of all that is pure, powerful, beautiful, and sublime; just as the Sun shines upon all Earth, it exists as an intelligence demonstrated as love and the impetus toward all that is good and constructive. In the context of spiritual science, light allows you to see all that has been hidden by the shadow of ignorance, for spiritual light is much more than what we think of as physical light. In our divine spiritual wisdom, light refers to all beneficial entities. Once these luminous beings come to dwell within you, negative forces simply melt away.

Lumen de Lumine contains the vibration of the Christic force, the wisdom of God and the overseer of all. The Christic force is the center of the heavenly world of Light, the leader of the Community of Light. It is the essential Word through which all is created  that which was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be  and the wellspring from which light and love flow. Working with the divine sound vibrations of Lumen de Lumine will link you to the Community of Light. Your heart and mind will then be attuned to the energies of the divine light of this Age of the Glory of self.

The vibration of Lumen de Lumine describes the Glory of the Lord. Chant in the early hours before the Sun has risen, as this is the time of day when the channels to the Divine are the most clear. Your heart will open, and, in turn, charge the solar centers and connect you with the Cosmic Energy that releases you from karma. Those who chant or listen to Lumen de Lumine for 11 minutes a day while meditating on the light of the Sun will overcome all challenges and rule their destiny.

Rose Croix Kabbalists chant Lumen de Lumine in order to remove darkness. When used consciously, this mantra provides a potent shield of protection and healing, as you are establishing a spiritual communion with the hierarchy of Luminous Beings who dwell in the invisible world, as well as calling on the help and protection of the hosts of the superior astral world. All you need to contribute is sincerity, reverence and humility.

In other words, chanting or listening to Lumen de Lumine will create a communion between you and the beneficent and benevolent hosts of the superior astral world. It is the mantra of physical protection against the ill will of other people. It is a prayer of the strongest potency which will keep misfortune away and bring peace, love and mercy in the lives of those who chant or listen to it.

If you are faced with challenges, play Lumen de Lumine continuously and it will eat the darkness out of your life. By offering a Lumen de Lumine to a loved one, you are giving them the highest gift, which is light. Give light as a present and God will bless you ten times in various ways. Just listen to it and it will purify and strengthen your aura. Play it in a room and it will clear the energy in a short time. Go to sleep with it; you will wake up vitalized. We recommend that you listen to and/or chant this mantra in order to create communion between you and the luminous beings.

As you work with Lumen de Lumine each morning, keep your mind focused on the Sun so that you connect mentally with its vivifying power. Lumen de Lumine holds the power of the Sun's rays, and is a symbol of the ineffable presence of the supreme principle. It brings light and illumination, energy and strength, hope and love. As you listen to the heavenly energy of Lumen de Lumine, it holds your entire being within its healing and soothing vibrations. While working with this sacred sound, imagine that you are storing the Sun's healing rays in the cells of your brain, particularly in your solar plexus, which acts like a reservoir of energies from which you can draw light in order to accomplish your daily tasks. This will recharge you so that you are able to greet the day tirelessly with beauty, bounty, and bliss. Those who listen to Lumen de Lumine are surrounded by an aura of shimmering sunlight, and it brings the presence of the luminous beings at their four sides. With Lumen de Lumine you creates a communion between yourself and the beneficent, benevolent hosts of the higher worlds. This will warm your heart, and give you the feeling of joy, security, and safety that releases your soul from the trap of darkness.

In the end, all creatures resemble their environment. When you spend time listening to or chanting along with Lumen de Lumine while simultaneously contemplating the Sun and soaking up its light with your being, you will become like the Sun. Therefore, use this heavenly sound current and adopt the Sun as your model. You will watch yourself becoming luminous, warmhearted, and vibrant with life. Those who meditate on Lumen de Lumine and the Sun will find themselves blessed each day with many rewards.

Let the projection of your psyche be nothing but light; let each person who meets you be healed and uplifted by the strength and beauty of that light. Concentrate on the light of the Sun and immerse yourself in the energy of Lumen de Lumine. You will experience the radiance of your heart center, and expand beyond the limits of time and space into the realm of total peace and joy that allows you to know your boundlessness.


Meditation for Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Years
To be practiced alone, with your loved ones, or in a group.


To prepare, put your hands on the heart center to create a neutrality of the magnetic field. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. With each inhale, welcome the breath, and with each exhale send all sickness out of the body. The longer and deeper you breathe, the more you will start to feel lighter, brighter and beautiful. Slow and deep breathing automatically controls the mind and causes the motor system in the brain to readjust the entire function of the body so that it is under your physical control. Once things come under your physical control, your positive, hidden subconscious desires, such as being healthy, strong and prosperous, are given a chance to manifest. As your heartfelt prayers begin to project out of you, the body creates the environment needed to crystallize them.

Time: 3-11 minutes. To end, inhale very deeply, exhale. Inhale deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest and exhale. Inhale very deeply, expand your body and relax. Recommended music: Sounds of the Ether CD, track 5

PART I: Lumen de Lumine
Sit in easy pose place the hands, palms facing up, in front of the diaphragm, with the left wrist underneath the right. In other words the back of the right wrist is resting on top of the left rascettes*. With your hands in this posture, eyes closed, listen to or chant along with the Lumen de Lumine CD for 3-11 minutes. To end, inhale very deeply, exhale. Inhale deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest and exhale. Inhale very deeply, expand your body and relax.

* The three lines that generally run parallel to one another on the wrist and mark the lower boundary of the palm are referred to as the bracelets of life. Each line corresponds to approximately 26-30 years of life. When taken together, they are called the rascettes. Generally speaking, these three lines indicate the weaknesses or strengths of the body's internal organs, specifically in relation to childbirth. The first of these lines, closest to the palm, is often called the Venus bracelet. It is the most important in determining how many children are likely to be born, and is especially significant when it rises in the form of an arch. When looking at this line, Kabbalah and yoga masters very special cases forbade the subject to have children, as it was a sign of unusual suffering in childbirth. Often, dangers to the mother's life during delivery are indicated. The Venus bracelet also shows whether one will have a large family or not. When the second line acts the same way, it supports the first. Three good lines can indicate strong health.

PART II: I Am That I Am
Sit in any comfortable meditative position. With your upper arms close to your sides, bring your hands side by side to the level of your heart and cupped as if you were receiving something. Eyes are closed. Listen to, or chant along with, track 2 on the Sounds of the Ether CD. Know that you are blessed and allow all the blessings of heaven to flow to you. As you feel the boundless flow of spirit, ask for whatever you need. There is no minimum or maximum time for this meditation.

"I Am I Am" causes you to realize that you are a point of light within God's mind, and a point of love within the Lord's heart. Each one of us must realize that we are indeed made in God's image and likeness. We are One and nothing can separate us. Know that one aspect of God is: God can be and God cannot be. This means that God in the world is finite and infinite. But those who have found God within God are the infinity in its own orbit. They look like humans: they possess flesh and bones, with faces and extremities. Yet, they speak in a healing manner, invoking the greatness that lives within us. People follow them. Everything in their existence is uplifting, healing and balanced. And beyond this existence, they have the one thing which money cannot buy and nothing can sell, upon which no value can be placed. For these beings live in God consciousness, which is the everlasting infinity of grace. This is priceless. These sacred teachings are powerful and beautiful. Learn this heavenly science and serve others with it. For God serves those who serve others. Whosoever works with our divine spiritual wisdom accepts the high consciousness, the will of God, and becomes God within himself or herself. Let the power of the Spirit of God flow in and through you, as you listen to or chant along with I Am I Am. Open yourself up to this infinite power.

PART III: Prayer of Love, Peace and Light
Recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Click here to learn this prayer.

You can also practice this special meditation on a daily basis, from Sunday the 12th all the way to the end of January 2005. "Lumen de Lumine" and "I Am I Am" will cause you to walk towards God. As you take one step towards the Divine, the Divine shall walk 1000 steps towards you.

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