The Power of Love and the Mystery of Birth

February 01, 2015

There is a spiritual law that dictates that an impure source communicates its impurities to its products. When a man or a woman commits evil, the karma is automatically transferred onto his or her posterity. Divine justice visits the trespasses of each generation upon the next. If Divine justice can afflict the children through their parents, it can also purify the parents via their children.  

For a child to be born into the world the father has to give his seed to the mother, who then nurtures and brings the seed to fruition. Everything in our lives is recorded in the chromosome of the seed. Every cell has its memory. Therefore, the way we think, feel, speak, act and behave is recorded and handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. Everything is transmitted to our children. If your chromosome has disease or vice, that is handed down to your children, the damage has been done and no doctor will be able to cure it. Remember, nature is always true to herself. The father’s seed contains everything, every experience of his past and present life. This means that the quality of a man’s seed is determined by the kind of life he has led and is leading. The man who constantly thinks, feels, speaks, acts and behaves negatively will supply negative and dirty seeds. The quality of the seed that the man gives to a woman at conception is dependent upon his level of evolution. Just as a seed, which is planted in the soil is programmed to give a specific fruit, so the seed planted in a woman is programmed to produce a child with specific talents, capacities and weaknesses.   Divine Spiritual Wisdom reveals how to purify the karma of the parents in the child. The Kabbalah of Birth reveals how to affect the past by erasing its sins and purifying the darkness recorded in the child. As a result, we affect the future of the world in a positive way.

Interestingly and unknown to most, within the human body there are two living mystical trees. Each of these trees contains energetic forces that pass through them. One tree has its roots in the human brain. Its branches grow downward from the head, into the body, and end up in the sympathetic nervous system. The other tree has its roots in the sympathetic nervous system. Its branches grow upward into the brain, with its energetic force flowing from the sympathetic nervous system, through the heart and spreading out into the head. Life is created where the energetic forces of the two trees merge. When a man and a woman come together, and these energetic forces originating from the sympathetic nervous system do not merge at a central point, it becomes very difficult for the couple to conceive. Conversely, when the energetic forces do merge at a central point, the couple can easily have children. Divine Spiritual Wisdom reveals the hidden, essential truths that allow us to begin to understand, and relate to, our Source. Let us work with this heavenly science so that you may be reminded of where you came from, of why you are here, of where you will return to, of your true destiny, including the infinite and loving omnipresence and might of our Creator.  

The Kabbalah of Birth works with the force found within all things, even the basic cellular structure of our being and the air we breathe, and activates the consciousness and energy that break the bonds of karma. The knowledge contained in this powerful course is so vast, that it is beyond pregnancy and applicable to everyone. It will connect you with your own vastness by causing you to think about the unknown power and wisdom that underlies everything. This power and wisdom has influenced all of the lives you have led, and yet most people do not realize it exists. The Kabbalah of Birth is given to us to awaken the Godly gift that has always existed inside our heart, so that we may renew and replenish ourselves, and serve others.

Since the beginning of time, Divine Love has been used to bring about strong transformations in the world, and to inspire hope, faith and joy in the hearts of many. The Kabbalah of Birth causes you to work with the law of love, because Divine Love awakens the light surrounding your soul, providing you with an opportunity to attain the wonderful achievements the Creator intended for you. Most babies born in this time are bringing with them the energy of the sixth race. The sixth race is ruled by love. Our world needs these babies of love. We must create the platform to attract these souls. To do that we must understand the reality of Divine or unconditional love. The Kabbalah of Birth allows you to work with Divine Love as a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool. Learning to work with Divine Love restores the harmony within your being, and of those in your sphere, as it lights and purifies the atmosphere around you.   Above all this extraordinary course allows you to realize that when you love unconditionally, you are the embodiment of God’s Will, and are connected to the Light. The Kabbalah of Birth shows you how to work with Love, and how to concentrate on Light. This will impart to you the grace from above that bestows an abundance of holiness and purity. Bring love into your life and experience the power it has to pacify and heal. By focusing on Divine Love, you raise the quality of life for yourself and your baby. As a result, we are able to contribute to a positive environment and future. Divine Spiritual wisdom shows us precise ways of manifesting Divine Love so that we may use our positive will to transform the Earth, by bringing babies of love, hope and faith.

By approaching prenatal, birthing and childhood care with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, parents can enhance the positive impact of their child’s formative years. Divine Spiritual Wisdom helps a woman maintain harmony in her thoughts, acts and feelings during the length of her pregnancy, so that birth becomes a harmonious interaction. After birth of the baby, the parents can then take advantage of the fact that their child is sensitive to his/her environment, and continue to build on the positive pre‐natal influence. With the information you gain from the sacred teachings contained in the Kabbalah of Birth, you will come to understand how all the various factors, relationships and circumstances of your life, and your past lives, including how the law of causality impacts each incarnation, have contributed to who you are. As the womb is our first home when we descend to the Earth, the Kabbalah of Birth will teach you about your unique powers and gifts. The truth is that we are more than our parents, more than our friends, and more than the circumstances of our life. We are even more than our past lives. Indeed, each spirit sent to Earth is a combination of all absorbed memories and understandings from previous incarnations, along with both karma completed and karma to be completed. Divine Spiritual Wisdom allows us to address karmic conditions. By knowing how to deal with these karmic imprints from previous lives, our reactions become more productive, and we learn to use trials and setbacks constructively. Conversely, when we don't know how to deal with the imprints and effects of previous lives, we continue to attract problems. The archetypal energy that has shaped us in all of the lifetimes we have lived lies within the core of our soul dynamic. 

Mothers have the power to rewrite the destiny of their children, when they are in the womb. The Alchemical work is performed by the mother while the baby is in the womb. The work of the mind in Alchemy is much greater than in anything else, for it is using the power of the mind on matter. The development of the soul is brought about by living a good spiritual life. When you live in accordance with high ideals, while demonstrating the principles of good physical and mental health, you become the living model of that which you wish your child to be and become. It is important that mothers be pure in mind, free from all negative thoughts and emotions, so that they can radiate a power that is strong and pure, and capable of improving the karma of the new baby. She must bathe in devotion to God, so that the baby’s heart is saturated with mercy and compassion. The mother must understand the Cosmic Laws properly so that the child may have the opportunity to become noble, talented and just. The father must understand the Cosmic Laws properly so that the child may have the opportunity to become strong and of honest character. If these qualities are present, it is a sign that the mother and father have acted in compliance with Cosmic Love, and have embedded these qualities in their child.   

"To know others is to be wise, to know yourself is to be enlightened." The science of self and self‐ awareness that Divine Spiritual Wisdom bestows upon you is the highest knowledge a man or woman can possess because it allows you to pull yourself through all circumstances. When you know yourself, you know your self‐worth and no longer accept self‐limiting ideas. The lack of self‐worth that comes from what you tell yourself is true about you in the present is removed, as you gain a better understanding of your past. This then leads to changes in the way you think about yourself, your strengths, and your goals. The Kabbalah of Birth provides you with knowledge that allows you to cleanse your karmic mistakes so that you can bring peace to your heart. It fills your mind with the knowing of things your soul requires most, as well as the healthy, healing thoughts that harmonize your mind with the Universe. With the knowledge you gain from the Kabbalah of Birth course, you will swim through every tide life brings as you maneuver through time and space, for you will gain the mental competency to deal with every situation that arises. As a result, you will become happy, healthy, and well‐balanced.

During the Kabbalah of Birth course you will delve into aspects of transmutation from Divine Spiritual Alchemy. In order to be successful in transmuting the seed into gold, one needs a strong will, a strong mind and a strong heart. These can only be acquired through a pure and positive life. Through Divine Spiritual Alchemy, you rise higher and higher, becoming increasingly more liberated. You become one with the Divine in a boundless, limitless union and are transformed into pure energy and light. As your heart is filled with more light and warmth of Divinity, your mind comes to understand that there is nothing that is beyond your power to manifest. Indeed, you must be aware of both your magical power and your creative inheritance, and take responsibility for bringing children of love and light to the Earth.

The Kabbalah of Birth is not only for women who are pregnant or who want to become pregnant. This extraordinary training will bestow the information you need to live your destiny, and go into the world ready to do the work you came to Earth to do. It is for both men and women who desire to learn the sacred teachings of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, so as to help their families through their bloodline, as well as friends and loved ones. The Kabbalah of Birth gives you a deeper understanding of who you are. It bestows the means whereby you can turn the key and open the door to knowledge of self. In so doing the Divine Spiritual Wisdom helps you align to your limitless potential, and tap into an unlimited source of love and light. As you gain a deeper level of clarity and truth about the various levels of your being, you are able to achieve self‐mastery, and become the master of your own destiny. These mystical teachings connect you with that imponderable Divine fire from within that directs the ever increasing urge of your inner self towards merging with the most sacred temple of all, for harmony and balance.

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