Ancient & Authentic Yogic Practice for Complex Times

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Meditation, Shakti Naam Masterclass & Lecture with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

A heart-opening Masterclass and soul-stirring lecture. Nourish your spirit with the soulful science of Naam and learn the spiritual art of keeping away malicious magnetism in these changing times. This Shakti Naam Masterclass with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry will help you close out the winter season and turn your mind, body and spirit toward the healing and vivifying light of Spring. This spiritual celebration will evoke within your being an internal energetic life force and heart-opening that will ignite the possibility of the most extraordinary life you ever dreamed of. It will enhance your health, wealth, happiness, creativity and overall love for yourself and others. As your fears, worries, shames, disappointments and all negativity melt away, what will emerge is a refreshed, revived, enthusiastic, passionate you energized with self-love, clarity and increased motivation for transformation in all areas of your life including but not limited to your career, health, and relationships.

  • Naam Meditation for Breaking through Blocks and Fears
  • Breathwork for Expanded Lung Capacity and a Healthy Respiratory System
  • Chanting to Calm and Cleanse the Mind
  •  Sound and Vibrational Healing as You Have Never Experienced
  • Practical Wisdom and Tools for use in Every-day Life

The techniques offered at this event were created over thousands of years and have been currently researched by the most respected medical institutions in the world. They can be easily incorporated into your daily life to maximize your health and accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Date: March 1, 2020

Time: 4:00-6:30PM (Registration begins at 3:30)

Venue: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Early Bird Price: $50.00 ($65 on 2/23) ($75.00 day of)


Please note that the Rootlight Event Cancellation and Change Policy applies. 

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