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Wahe Guru activates the mental condition to love. Wa stands for water, He stands for fire and Guru stands for light. In order to pronounce the word Guru, your lips move in the form of a kiss. By saying Guru you give a vibratory kiss of life and exercise a symbol of love, compassion and excitement. You also invoke a very powerful and divine device for healing and spiritual growth. With Wahe Guru, your words become divine and impactful, your mind is mastered, your soul body is strengthened and your brain function is enhanced.

By meditating on the mantra Wahe Guru, you will positively change your personality and remove all traces of negativity from your body, mind and soul. It will bestow upon you all the joys of life. By vibrating the mantra Wahe Guru you shift your focus on the positive, sublime and wondrous side of life. As a result, it will multiply in you.

WA comes from Lord Vishnu of Satyug
HE comes from Lord Hari Krishna of Dwaparyug
GU comes from Lord Gurugobind Singh of Kalyug
RU comes from Lord Ram of Tretayug

There are four mantras in Wahe Guru. These four powerful mantras come together to create the potent and sacred Word, Wahe Guru, as a fifth mantra. It is important for a soul to repeat Naam because Naam is our True self. It is our birthright to meditate on our True self. Using love to listen to this Wahe Guru Naam vibrated with the tip of the tongue causes an overflowing of Prem ("Prem" is the experience of profound love) from your eyes and for your Rasna to become godly. Learn More

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