The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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It is important to realize that our heredity does not have to be our destiny. Karmic burdens that visit family lineages across generations can be neutralized and resolved before being passed on to our children. Those disposed to depression, alcoholism, mental illness, addiction, obesity and other forms of mental, emotional and physical diseases can begin to unravel the origins of these imbalances and find great solace and relief within these pages. All forms of imbalance begin in the mind and it is important to understand that no element can be removed from your mind until you have understood how it got there in the first place. If you decide to remove a pattern or untie a knot that is somehow taking away your health and happiness, then you have to know how the pattern or the tie in the knot was made to begin with. Knowledge is power but knowledge of self is super power. We cannot be free from the impacts of negative patterns until we have understood how they have contributed to our suffering. This book will help you have a healthy relationship with yourself, with your love partner, with your loved ones, with your children and most importantly it will help all of us contribute to the positive evolution of humankind. This book will impact and heal many parts of your life. Above all, the Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation is for all men and women who desire to learn the sacred laws of creation and take personal responsibility for creating pure and harmonious conditions for the high vibrational children who are coming to the Earth.

What's Inside

  • 83 remedies
  • 53 meditations
  • Over 400 pages of Divine Spiritual Wisdom
  • Healing at the Causal Level: creating a platform for self-healing, the only permanent form of healing 
  • How to bless your life with your thoughts
  • How Naam meditation can provide a most solid foundation for a couple to maintain a strong love relationship
  • Divine Spiritual Alchemy: Sanctifying the sexual act
  • A closer look at conception through Divine Spiritual Wisdom
  • Intimacy and Consciousnesses: Procreation should never occur without the involvement of the mind, body and soul, because this is the link to the superior world
  • Men's Fertility and Sexual Health: The man provides the seed
  • Preparing for High Vibrational Children: Just as an apple seed can only yield a tree that bears apples, women and men can only give birth to a fruit that resonates with their own level of consciousness.
  • An understanding of how the soul of a child, prior to its descent, searches the entire universe looking for the ideal mother and father that can create the necessary platform of learning needed during its particular incarnation
  • How mothers can rewrite the destiny of their children when they are in the womb
  • Understanding generational karma and intergenerational trauma to clear the ancestral sources of our internal struggles
  • How to awaken your soul and find your own sacredness
  • With the information you gain from The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation, you will come to understand how all of the various factors, relationships and circumstances of your life and your past lives, including how the law of causality impacts each incarnation, have contributed to who you are


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