The Sukshmah Method Daily Class Pass (Viceroy Hotel) April 26-30th

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Date & Time: April 26th-30th

Time: 6:30-8:00 AM

Location: Terrace Cielo Mar Restaurant, Viceroy Hotel

Price is Per Day: 

$28.00 USD or approximately $500 Mexican Pesos Daily

How to Register

1. Note that classes are $28 per day.

2. To pay for more than one class, click the "+" button to add more classes at checkout.

3. After your purchase, contact the hotel via email or phone (below) to let them know you will be a part of this event. 

Sukshmah works with the fifth element within us, that ocean of energy that gives life to our being. During this rare class you will receive direct access to this advanced form of yoga, hardly known to the Western world, including techniques designed specifically for this spiritually charged time to build and expand your electromagnetic field and nurture your life force.  This class will strengthen your nervous system so that you may gracefully face this time of transition with the complete faith in the eternal Light of your Spirit.

This class is complimentary for Viceroy Hotel Guests

Direct phone: +52 (1) 624-104-9999 EXT 76700


*Price: $28.00 or approximately $500 PESOS DAILY

*Conversion Rates Will Vary

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