The Seal of Higher Destiny CD

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  • This is a Naam that projects the mind beyond the realm of everyday earthly consciousness into the infinity of the cosmos and awakens the soul to one's higher destiny. As all things are included within it, this mantra allows you to understand the greatness of He who spoke and brought the Universe into being. It brightens your energy, wipes out karma, and increases your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity. 

    Track Listing
    1 Eck Ong Kar (version 1) 31:25
    2 Eck Ong Kar (version 2) 31:07

  • Working with this mantra will bring the radiance of the Sun into your heart and the vastness of the universe into your soul. The yoga of Naam or the WORD is the highest method of contact with God, which causes the soul to engage in a beautiful union with spirit as it attains indescribable bliss. It projects the mind beyond the realm of everyday, earthly consciousness into the infinity of the cosmos, thereby increasing your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity. The after effect of vibrating Naam brings the utmost peace, bliss and joy. By mastering this Naam you gain vision of the higher world, and perceive the endless manifestation of the light of God. The universe has been created by the Divine will. When you attune yourself to it through this Naam, there will come a point where the things that you need will simply come to you by willing. This Naam grants understanding of the greatness of He who spoke and brought the Universe into being, while eradicating your individual karma. Communing with God in this manner will clean your mind, comfort your heart, heal your body, and enliven your spirit. The easiest way to overcome disease, disappointments, and disasters is to be in constant attunement with God, for the supreme help comes from attuning with the spirit. ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU is a Naam that causes you to tread the road of wisdom safely. It causes you to enter cosmic consciousness and commune with God.

    If you desire to bind your soul to the higher world, meditate along with the mantra on The Seal of Higher Destiny. Not only will you be liberated, but no evil shall befall you, because God's name will be with you constantly. As with the other Rootlight CDs, the principles of Universal Kabbalah have been perfectly woven into its production. (This is especially true of the second track.) While the form of the Naam recorded on the first track is well known among those who practice Kundalini yoga, the second track was directly inspired from my divine encounter in India. This mantra will help you find God in your heart. You will begin to hunger for the sweet wine of this beautiful divine spiritual wisdom, for reconnecting with our higher self is the ultimate catalyst for all development, harmony, and spiritual growth.

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