The Psychotherapeutic Application of Hermetic Principles

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HERMETIC PRINCIPLES contains universal truths that are essential to success in every aspect of life, be it health, relationships, career, wealth, or any other area of life where we desire to apply our consciousness. At the heart of the Hermetic teachings are seven key principles that reveal the fundamental workings of nature. These timeless principles are needed now more than ever to empower us to positively impact our surroundings and shape our realities in alignment with our heartfelt desires. They can be traced to ancient Egypt and beyond, and they have inspired the world’s greatest developments and advancements in the fields of science, agriculture, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, art and philosophy. They provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the natural laws that govern the universe. The modern day, psychotherapeutic application of Hermetic teachings allows us to take back our divine power in creating a life and a world that we love.

“In this ground-breaking book of the psychotherapeutic application of the Hermetic principles to every aspect of life, Dr. Levry offers a practical and powerfully transformative approach to this ageless wisdom. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to make a difference in their own life or the lives of others.” 

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

“Dr. Levry provides an important service to those wanting to investigate the daunting subject of Creation and our experience of it. Throughout this engaging book, he uses his expertise in Hermeticism as the wisdom reference, providing guide rails for the reader to make practical use of this expansive cosmic theory.”

—Damien Sabella, Philanthropreneur

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