The Line of Equilibrium Guided Meditation Course

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Bring your Body and Mind into a State of Harmonious Balance with the Line of Equilibrium Meditation

The Line of Equilibrium Guided Meditation is a powerful, magical practice for awakening the latent spiritual faculties of the soul and refining the power of the imaginative mind that is crucial for healing, manifestation and expanding one's consciousness.

The Line of Equilibrium, also known as the Middle Pillar Exercise, is one of the most effective exercises in all of mystical Kabbalah. It can bestow tremendous healing powers upon the practitioner, while showering their life with a host of blessings. Indeed, The Middle Pillar Exercise is an excellent preparatory practice for visualization, sharpening the mind and magnetizing the vortex of electromagnetic energy circulating around us, giving us the power to gracefully manifest the life of our dreams. The Middle Pillar Exercise opens the path and ignites the beacon of light at the center of our being, banishing all obstacles, destructive energies and limiting beliefs from our life.

Narrated by Dr. Levry, this guided practice is further embellished by The Seven Chakra Breath meditation, connecting you with the healing light of the Sun and directing your mind to state of focused stillness, so that you may effectively direct the psycho-spiritual energy generated throughout the Middle Pillar Exercise toward complete healing, spiritual growth, or the crystallization of your heartfelt desires. Together, these two practices work synergistically to heal, nourish and nurture your energy while expanding your vessel of light. They will expand your consciousness and invite health, favor, mercy and blessings into your life.

Upon completion you will find yourself renewed, re-energized and refreshed. Indeed, it is almost impossible to truly express all the benefits of this multi-faceted and magical practice. It will cause you to be in harmony with yourself and that harmony within, will be reflected without, in everything and everyone around you. As a result the power of life will flow smoothly causing everything to fall in place perfectly.

Course Includes

5 tracks narrated by Dr. Levry, including the Middle Pillar Exercise, 7 Chakra Breath Meditation, Sacred Blessing, and more!

Illustrated Course Guide (PDF)

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