The Healing Beat of Naam CD

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  • The sound vibrations on this CD are powerful spiritual seeds. When planted in a person's heart, they will sprout the most beautiful healing tree that will, in turn, bear delicious, sweet fruit. This CD features vocals ascending the musical scale to amplify the healing processes of the body. 

    Track Listing
    1 Har Haray Haree (soulful) 10:27
    2 Wahey Guru Ascending 27:05
    3 Ra Ma Da Sa (adagio) 11:02
    4 Har Gobinday (strings) 12:25

  • 1 Har Haray Haree (soulful)
    Har Haray Haree is the creative aspect of the infinite manifest in the finite.

    2 Wahey Guru Ascending
    This mantra is a powerful spiritual seed. Plant it in a person's heart in this musical scale, and it will sprout the most beautiful healing tree. In turn, this tree will bear delicious, sweet fruit. Ascending Naam frequencies diffuse the inharmonious energies that cause disturbances in our physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual essences. When vibrated in ascending order, the mesmerizing tones of Wahey Guru generate vibratory fields that neutralize any frequencies counter to our highest good. Wahey Guru creates a beautiful blanket of healing light that even protects us against bacteria and viruses. Simply put, negativity and lower vibrations cannot stand in the presence of ascending frequencies. As you move through the frequencies in an ascending sequence, unhealthy cells begin to destabilize and create room for new cells. The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument. It contains consciousness. Science will soon discover that the practice of Naam is actually metabolized in the body, where it acts as a healer and immune system builder through the harmonic principle.

    3 Ra Ma Da Sa (Adagio)
    This particular version of Ra Ma Da Sa has been proven through medical research to reduce pain. A study published in the Jurnal of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology found that Ra Ma Da Sa (Adagio), in combination with other mantras in the practice, resulted in a 14% reduction in pain medication during chemotherapy treatment in a children's cancer hospital. You can read more about this groundbreaking research here.

    4 Har Gobinday (strings)
    This sound current, known as the Guru Gaitri Mantra, removes bad luck and karmic blocks. It also balances the hemispheres of the brain and cleanses the subconscious mind

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