The Divine Doctor by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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In the supreme ways of bringing self-healing and a permanent cure, the greatest secret lies in the spiritual body. Most people do not understand that human beings are both physical and spiritual. In fact, the great spiritual masters and ancient students of nature discovered that the material body is a physical reflection of the spiritual body. They realized that the key to health and the healing of disease cannot be found in matter. It is in the spiritual body that you will find the cause of the symptoms that manifest in the physical body. The Divine Doctor reveals the precise methods for working with the spiritual body to achieve self-healing and maintain vibrant health. It will also guide you through these techniques, so that you may recover more quickly from illness and become healthy.

What's Inside
  • Includes over 50 meditations & exercises that effectively help the body heal and prevent hundreds of health conditions, including heart disease, cancer, digestive problems, allergies, insomnia, stress related issues, excess weight, thyroid, poor eyesight, headaches & more...
  • Complete with reference charts for determining certain health susceptibilities and the tonic foods & herbs, and even gemstones, that can be used to fortify these weak areas based on one's date of birth.

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