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  • These mantra vibrations can change your luck within just a few minutes of doing them. If you are stuck in a situation, do it, and it will work. It changes the tides. The mantras on this album are there to bring you wealth, success, health, harmony, prosperity, protection, and much more.

    When you vibrate Asam Bagasha Sharakan on track 1, the Seed (Beej) Mantra of the Navgrah (nine planets), all the planetary bodies come together to rewrite your destiny for the better so that whatever you are going through shifts positively. Even people who are challenged in their health can benefit from these mantras since health challenges are based upon disturbances in planetary bodies.

    People whose business is challenged can benefit from this album immensely. Those that are in situations where things are not going the way they want, even if it’s not written in their destiny, will become lucky. If the energy is off and not right around you, the energy will shift as soon as you vibrate these mantras. This is how powerful they are. These sound vibrations are specifically for this complex time with everything going on all over the world. When nothing goes right, this is the album  you work with. Do Asam Bagasha Sharakan to make things go right.

  • Mantra Sheet and Details

    Asam Bagasha Sharakan
    This is the seed (beej) mantra of the Nine Stars Navgrah mantra. Asam Bagasha Sharakan carries the power to rewrite your destiny! This powerful sound comes alive in your heart on this memorable melody as it brings waves of grace, blessing your life with good health, wealth, and success. Right now, it is recommended to make this mantra part of your regular meditation practice to help everything flow smoothly in your life.

    Nine Stars Navgrah Mantra
    The Earth’s magnetic field at your birth, combined with your karmic debts, creates a unique cosmic plate that influences your life path. Disturbances in life can be traced back to imbalances in our cosmic blueprint, leading to health, relationship and financial issues. To put it another way, our destiny is determined at birth through the influence of the nine planets (Navgrah). Therefore, a part of our human experience means inheriting circumstances that are beyond our control because of the time and space of our birth. There are certain events in our life, for example, that create lasting patterns in our brain's neural network. Chanting the Navgrah mantra pleases and releases the negative influences of the nine planetary bodies that may have been present on the Earth during our birth, harmonizing our energy with the cosmic forces and moving us on the path to our highest destiny. As a result, luck, wealth, success, and health come into our life gracefully and effortlessly, regardless of what may have been written on our cosmic plate. The mantra is made up of the Sanskrit names of the planetary bodies. 
    Om Aadityaaya - Sun
    Somaaya - Moon
    Mangalaa Ya - Mars
    Budhaaya Cha - Mercury
    Guru - Jupiter
    Shukra - Venus
    Shanibyasa - Saturn 
    Raahave - Rahu
    Ketave - Ketu

    Navgrah Instrumental The instrumental track puts you in a healing, meditative mood.

    Ganputi Reset | Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
    This mantra is linked to samskaras, karma and dharam. It will take away all negative karmas you carry from past lives and have to pay for now, as well as the karma you create from what you do in your daily life. The suffering or happiness we currently experience is due to past debt or credit. This mantra clears the way for dharam - what good you do today will be rewarded tomorrow.

    As a very special bonus, this album includes the Portal of Fire manifestation meditation guided by Dr. Levry (streaming video). This album is designed to help humanity align and adapt to the powerful and complex forces reshaping our way of life now and in the times to come.

  • Track Listing
    1 Asam Bagasha Sharakan 7:02
    2 Nine Star Navgrah 12:21 
    3 Navgrah Instrumental 11:37
    Bonus #1 Ganputi Reset 5:28
    Bonus #2 Video Guided Meditation: Portal of Fire 10:06
    A complete manifestation session

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