Sounds of the Ether CD

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  • The sound vibrations on this CD greatly amplify one's ability to manifest the things they want in this life. When practiced with reverence, these sacred words of power will elevate the self into the bosom of the Divine and establish a direct link with the Spirit. 

    Track Listing
    1 Ad Such 11:00
    2 I Am that I Am 11:00
    3 Aim 30:00
    4 Hari Har 11:00
    5 The Fire of Prayer 11:00

  • 1 Ad Such
    This mantra removes blocks to success, prosperity and inner peace by surrounding you with positive cosmic energies. As you chant and/or listen to Ad Such, you call on the beneficial forces of the universe to work in your best interest and come to your aid, thereby helping you to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. Opportunities begin to come to you in unexpected ways. Ad Such also helps develop the intuition you need to guide you through complex situations.

    2 I Am that I Am
    I Am, also known as I Am That I Am is a powerful spiritual formula that establishes a connection between the chanter and the LORD God; Holy Father, Almighty and Merciful One, Who hast created all things, Who knowest all things and can do all things, from Whom nothing is hidden, to Whom nothing is impossible. In other words, this is the entity from Whom nothing can remain hidden, and to Whom everything is possible. It is the One who allows you to penetrate the knowledge of hidden things, and understand their secret nature. Through I Am, we receive aid from the Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom and Power shall have no end unto the Ages of the Ages.

    3 Aim
    Aim is the bij (seed) mantra of Saraswati - the source of all learning and knowledge of art and music. She is Brahma's consort, involved with creation of new ideas and things. She is also responsible for bestowing wisdom and knowledge. Often written as Ehm, Aim is the dispeller of sorrow. In particular, it affects the thymus gland and has a beneficial influence on the heart center. Therefore, it can be helpful in relieving heart diseases.

    4 Hari Har
    Hari is another name for Vishnu, and is the aspect that forgives past actions and destroys negative deeds of those who take refuge in him. Thus, Hari is a redeemer and a guide to personal salvation. As well as the preserver of the world. Chanting and/or listening to this mantra will heal a broken heart by washing away the pain and sadness of the past. It helps to balance your emotions and assists you in your love and family life. Therefore, it can help you attract a fulfilling relationship. Hari creates the energy of expansion, abundance and spirituality in the aura, while opening the heart and nourishing your whole being with the light of harmony.

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