Saturday, June 13 LIVESTREAM with Dr. Levry


Saturday, June 13 | 11AM PDT 2PM EDT  8PM CET  1PM CDT

During this rare, public address, Dr. Levry will share transformative wisdom regarding the times we live in and how we can make a positive difference during these rapidly changing times. He will give a glimpse at what we can expect in the near and distant future. Attendees will receive vital knowledge of the changes ahead along with the tools to navigate them so that you and your loved ones may be better prepared for the future.

Topics addressed during the lecture include:

  • Practical techniques to stay healthy in the midst of the evolving global pandemic
  • Preparing for the massive changes ahead in the next 7 years
  • The healing power of unconditional love as a platform for peace and recognizing the sacredness of all of life at this complex time
  • A part of this live broadcast will be dedicated to taking questions from the audience 
This event was originally set up to broadcast over Zoom meeting but as both rooms are now filled to capacity, everyone that has not yet registered can still access the LIVE broadcast by registering on this page. You will receive a link to watch the event about one hour before. We invite you to freely share this registration page with friends and loved ones.


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