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Names should not be given by chance. It has long been known and recognized by Kabbalists and yogis that names are words of power. Your name can either bring you good fortune or bad luck. The poor choice of name for a person or business can become a source of trouble, turmoil and misfortune. As the name you wear determines how miserable or fortunate you will be, so does the name of a business indicate how poorly or well it will do. In reality, there are entities of light and entities of darkness. Certain names create a force that attracts entities of darkness, whereas others bring beings of light into your life. If we truly understood the type of forces hidden in a name, it would be clear to us that the name we are most often called by determines the whole course of our life. The same holds true for a business, city or country. In reality, a profound knowledge of names comes from an understanding of the power of the spoken word. It is in fact by the word, in the word, and through the word that all things spiritual, as well as corporeal, have been created. To penetrate the mysteries of creation, you must master the word. By mastering the word, you conquer the wisdom of the past, present and future. This knowledge bestows the power which attracts the blessings of heaven. Everything comes from the Word, and the Word produces the name. Fortunately, unlike one's birth date, a name is something we can change. By the grace of God, this sacred and remarkable system can allow you to do something about the vibration of your name. It is applicable to a host of problems. Through Kabbalah, we can understand how a name impacts our life, our business and even the destiny of a city and country you desire to live in.

As you may know, there are many reasons why names are given. Sometimes we are named after a family member or famous person. Other times we are named after a religious figure, such as a saint, or just because our parents like a particular name. Choosing and changing names is a true science. It is pure, practical Kabbalah. Each name has a particular frequency which will influence the whole life of the bearer. With this system, you will not only be able to determine the vibration of your name, but also, you can determine what impact, challenging or beneficial, a particular city, situation, or relationship can have in your life.

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