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  • The sound vibrations on this CD greatly amplify one's ability to manifest the things they want in this life. When practiced with reverence, these sacred words of power will elevate the self into the bosom of the Divine and establish a direct link with the Spirit. 

    Track Listing
    1 Ong/Aung with Rhythmic Beat (version I) 21:21
    2 Ong/Aung with Piano (version II) 11:42
    3 Ong/Aung for Relaxation 21:19

  • The divine word OM, which is nothing more than AUM, is pregnant with mysterious power. There was a time when the word was believed by most traditions to possess tremendous power. The sacred word is seen by some as the authoritative word by which all thoughts become objectified - made reality. Om stimulates the psychic centers and is known to have certain therapeutic values. This sound is thought to have special universal powers for the creation of worldly things.

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