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Your natal chart allows you to see the unseen forces working behind your life, so that you may gracefully face the challenges of time and space. This knowledge gives your early warnings of pitfalls, so that you may save yourself from unnecessary misfortune or adversity. It is designed to make your journey through life happy, successful and fulfilling. In my opinion, there could not be anything more convincing than this application of universal Kabbalah and its branch of spiritual numerology. They are of inestimable value, because they help you know yourself, realize your weaknesses, and recognize your successful tendencies. Such an understanding expands your perception, These are unseen influences working behind your life, revealing your qualities, aptitudes, virtues, and faults, as well as peculiarities of health and character. Knowledge of one's shortcomings, coupled with the desire to change them, is crucial. People cannot change their typical qualities without strong resolution. It is possible for anyone to know the trend of their destiny by finding out what I call their primary and secondary planets. Those planets will tell you in advance, from your day of birth the blueprint of your life. What you do with it is up to you.

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