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  • Music feeds the fire of the heart, causing it to light up the soul. Spiritual music, that creates the healing alchemy in the heart, is a precise and divine science from the higher world, mastered by only a few mystics because it must be created in accordance with certain deeper spiritual laws, so that it may directly speak to our higher self in order to awaken us. Sacred music should be created to connect us with the world of absolute reality. Before producing sacred music that heals the soul, it is important to attune to the higher world, in order to bring into one's consciousness the energetic blueprint of the music to be recorded. As a result, those who listen to it will automatically be connected to the divine force that lies within. Furthermore, sacred music can be recorded in such a way as to activate and purify our spiritual centers, so that we may be transported to the celestial realms.

    The root cause of all physical and mental diseases is the burden on the soul of the negative karmic influences we brought with us from previous lives. This is what affects our mental and physical health, and creates havoc in our lives. The truth is, in order to heal anyone permanently, we need to heal the soul. This can be achieved by the power of the Supreme soul, Manifested in the Holy Naam. Healing the human soul through the Supreme Soul via the Holy Naam, is one of the highest forms of permanent healing.. 

    Track Listing
    1 Hari Ohm Transformation 11:01
    2 Soulful Ram 11:03
    3 Healing Hari Hari Har 11:06
    Bonus: Shakti Rising (Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru) 11:00

  • 1 Hari Ohm Transformation
    Hari Ohm will raise your positive vibration. It gets rid of darkness and fights negative thinking. Hari means ‘the remover’. Om is the primordial cosmic vibration from which sprang the entire cosmos and all creation. Hari Ohm is a universal mantra that removes pain and suffering. The healing force of this age is embedded in this sound vibration. By listening to it continuously it will fight all manner of challenges, including health problems. It will help you prevail in the midst of trouble and/or disease. Meditating with Hari Ohm circulates the prana throughout the whole body, washing away blocks and negativity. Through Hari Ohm we can activate the chakras and move the life force from one energy center to the next. It will be your best friend when you find yourself in difficult astrological cycles, or even during mercury retrograde. 

    Hari Ohm is known as a healing mantra because it brings the student back to God. It is through that state of Oneness that all distinctions and forms of separation, or duality, which manifest in the form of disease and disharmony, are burned away. Those who vibrate this sweet and profound sound will radiate the Light and Glory of Heaven from their being.

    2 Soulful Ram
    This sweet recording of the mantra Ram (rÃm) will open the heart and let the light within shine. Ram is the symbol of our higher or soul consciousness. It activates the purifying fire within, burning away every negative vibration from our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. To put it simply, vibrating Ram, the king of all bij mantras, will positively change your life forever. Ram is the mantra of miracles that will remove the barriers between you and your higher self. Ram is like the guardian angel that keeps all destructive forces away. It attracts the creativity and blessings of the entire Universe and beckons them to rush to your aid, elevating and uplifting every area of your life that is in need of energy. 

    3 Healing Hari Hari Har
    Hari Hari Har creates the energy of expansion, abundance and spirituality in the aura, while opening the heart and nourishing your whole being with the light of harmony. Chanting and/or listening to this mantra will heal a broken heart by washing away the pain and sadness of the past. It helps to balance your emotions and assists you in your love and family life. Therefore, it can help you attract a fulfilling relationship. This precise combination of sacred words will attract prosperity. The more consistently you work with it the more abundance you will have. 

    Bonus: Shakti Rising (Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru)
    Meditating along with this track will improve your self-esteem, remove stress and bring success into everything you do. A steady practice will ensure you fulfill your destiny and your life's true purpose.

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