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  • The herbs used in this balm have been traditionally used for a wide variety of conditions. While deeply moisturizing, this combination of ingredients strengthens the skin and tissue, draws toxins to the surface, fights infection and alleviates and soothes inflammation in the skin, muscles and mucus membranes. Additionally, it increases the circulation to the area onto which it is applied.

  • • Buturspermum parkii (unrefined Shea Butter)

    • pimpenella anisum (Anise)

    • ocimum gratissimum (African Basil)

    • and a proprietary blend of other herbs


    Rashes and hives, fungal infections, acne, psoriasis, insect bites, moderate to mild burns, calluses: Apply a thin layer several times per day for the following conditions.

    For Muscle, Joint Pain, Bruises, Sprains, Strains and Scars: Gently massage a thin layer of the balm into the region of pain. Apply 3 times per day.

    Beauty Application: For prevention of stretch marks, to reduce puffy eyes, scars, to prevent fine lines and crow’s feet, reduce the appearance of dark circles, dryness, sagging face skin. Apply one to three times per day.

    Dandruff: Apply a thin layer on the scalp at night before bed. Wash off in the morning. Use every other day.


    Sore Throat: Gently massage in a thin layer to the neck and throat a few times per day.

    Nausea and Stomach Ache: Gently massage in a thin layer to the abdomen a few times per day.

    Cough: Gently massage in a thin layer to the chest and back over the lungs a few times per day.

    Headache: Gently massage a thin layer into the region of the head and neck that has pain a few times per day. To enhance the function of the balm, you may add a small amount of minty oil to the region of balm application. This is optional.

  • Use a non-metal spatula to scoop the amount of product that is needed for a single use in order to ensure the purity of the original batch.

    Apply a thin layer of the balm to the skin. The number of applications and the amount used will vary greatly according to need and condition. It is more effective to apply amounts multiple times per day then to apply a large amount one time per day.

    If using this balm on an area that is to be exposed to the sun, wait until it has fully been absorbed into the skin before exposing your skin to the sun. Keep in a cool dark location. Always apply to clean skin after washing your hands.

  • This rare balm is hand made.

    It is an authentic recipe formula that has been passed down for generations and guarded within the herbal tradition of the family who developed it.

    It is composed of all natural whole plant ingredients and contains no artificial substances, preservatives or additives. It is free of toxins and heavy metals. Any molecular constituents that are listed on the label are naturally occurring in the plant ingredients used.

Always consult your physician before beginning the use of this product.

If any symptoms persist please seek medical attention. For optimal results when working with this product, we strongly recommend that you consider every aspect of your health and habits.

Healthy lifestyle choices can enhance the healing benefits of this balm.

Return Policy: After the original purchase no returns, refunds or exchanges are granted for any reasons. All sales are final.

Shipment: This product only ships to the United States.  Please note that all order ship out on Mondays. 

Note: Limited quantities are also available at Naam Yoga LA. If you reside in the LA area, visit Naam Yoga LA at 1231 4th St in Santa Monica.

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