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  • The sound currents recorded on the Naam Infinitum CD will cause your speech patterns to become Divine, and as result, it will cause your thinking patterns to become Divine. This will allow you to manifest all of your heartfelt desires for through meditating along with these sacred words of power you will generate within yourself all the feelings and emotions required for your wishes to be fulfilled.

    Track Listing
    1 Wahe Guru Power 15:33
    2 Protective Guru Ram Das 10:58
    3 Prosperity Har Har Hari 11:18

  • 1 Wahe Guru Power
    The leading track, Wahe Guru Power, on Naam Infinitum will spiritualize your speech. Working with this mantra will give you the projection for your words to never be forgotten. Self-confidence, willpower and the power of the Word are all gifts the mantra Wahe Guru will bring into your life. Wahe Guru Power also strengthens your energy and keeps negativity away. It gives you a bright and magnetic personality and activates the light of God in you, allowing your words to become Divine and impactful. Working with this mantra also increases your brain function, and helps you sleep better with time.

    2 Protective Guru ram Das
    Vibrating the sound current of Protective Guru Ram Das will bring you blessings and protection in any physical, mental or circumstantial situation. This is the mantra of humility that brings emergency saving grace and spiritual guiding light.

    3 Prosperity Har Har Hari
    Prosperity Har Har Hari brings opportunities to your doorstep and opens the window for prosperity to come into your life. Har is one of the names of God; it is the creative aspect of Infinity. Hari is the fruit of that creative action, bringing the energy of expansion and abundance in the aura.

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