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  • The sound vibrations on Mystic Sage will spiritualize your thought patterns while elevating your emotional intelligence, creating internal harmony and protection that extends to every aspect of your life. They will allow your consciousness to spread and grow, reconnecting you with your true center, so that you may experience love, light, peace, and joy in your life. The first two instrumental tracks will move your energy upward into your higher spiritual centers, raising you up from the basement of life. The Power of I Am can help us rewrite the internal emotional programming perpetuating the cycle of pain in our lives. This vibrational remedy is a healing balm for the psyche. It allows us to turn the penetrating power of the mind back on itself so that we can experience freedom from the limitations of life.  

    Track Listing
    1 Mystic Sage 11:09
    2 Positive Vibrations 13:15
    3 The Power of I Am 11:27
    4 Aleph Star Instrumental 12:02

  • The Power of I Am
    Vibrating I Am will induce a quantum change in the brain, causing our consciousness to expand to such a high state that we can literally re-program our automatic self. I Am nourishes and sweetens the soul. It causes us to realize that we are a point of light within God's mind, and a point of love within the Divine's heart.

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