Música de Alta Frecuencia Fusionada con Mantras de Sanación

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These mantra infused melodies are designed to work through your subconscious mind to spiritualize and bless your life. The distinct mantric prayers on each melody are recorded just below the hearing level, inaudible to the naked ear, to bypass the conscious mind and go straight to your subconscious. Each track is embedded with a unique mantra that is ready to  bestow upon you its hidden treasures and gifts. In the beginning, you may find yourself drawn to a specific melody. Let the energy of each track guide you. Track 1 will raise your level of vibration and bring joy and fulfillment into your life, track 2 will bring you a host of blessings, track 3 will make you unstoppable in the face of obstacles and track 4 will dispel darkness and negativity. Listen to them while you work, during your commute, while working out, reading, watching TV, cooking or simply resting. They can be played at any time.  

Track Listing
1 Sunrise 11:26
2 Grace 11:01
3 Limitless 11:01
4 Beam of Light 11:00

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