Messages of Light: Infinite Healing

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Introducing Infinite Healing, a special recording that is essential for all Harmonyum Healing practitioners and can also be used on its own to bring balance, health and harmony into the body. This recording, spoken by Dr. Levry, is a powerful self-healing tool, that affirms in your mind the perfect blueprint of health. You can listen to it before retiring for the night, playing softly while you sleep and any time you need to rejuvenate the body and mind. Laying down and listening to this recording is like inviting the Divine Doctor to work on your health. This healing message is a golden code that penetrates deep into the core of your being. It is highly beneficial to listen to this recording during a Harmonyum session, according to the preferences of the recipient. Turn it on, listen and receive the transmission of optimal health encoded in this hypnotic track. It will guide you out of your health challenge and keep you young, radiant and happy by continuously injecting your thoughts with divine medicine - ideas that are beyond the limitation of your current ideology. This message will raise the energetic frequency of all those that listen to it and invite its healing message into their mind. It is the gift of health. All you have to do is listen. 

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