Messages of Light: Healing Prayer of Gratefulness

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Add this prayer to your practice. Bring your feelings into it and recite it with your heart, first thing when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep. Play this recording upon rising and let it softly bless you while you sleep. Download the words to this prayer here.

When we use the word God here, or anywhere else, we are referring to the One Universal and Infinite Mind, which is infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite truth and infinite goodness. This infinite and perfect Mind manifests in us as our own mind. When we move away from that One Infinite Mind, that created everything and that rules and governs all, we become limited. This prayer of thankfulness is an attunement to that Infinite and Divine Mind, to the source of our being, the creator of our soul. Being grateful and thankful to God is a prayer. Thankfulness is a powerful way for us to link ourselves to the divine mind and consciousness, so that we may be blessed, and become a blessing to others. When you thank God for your blessings, they grow in your life. You receive more blessings. When you are not grateful for what you have, the Universe takes it away from. When you do not give thanks for your challenges, they stay in your life and grow. When you give thanks for your challenges they melt away and leave your life. Everything in our world has a spiritual essence and a physical form. In the material world everything is covered in a shell. Every problem is an opportunity to achieve a higher consciousness. All of your challenges have a function to fulfill. They reflect your state of being. They are here to give you wisdom, raise your consciousness and actualize your higher nature. Every situation you are faced with has a hidden message for you, that is not always perceived by the five senses. That is why Naam is so vital, for it allows you go beyond the five senses. Naam opens the heart and the human heart sees better than the eyes.

No matter what is happening in your life, there is always at least one thing to be grateful and thankful for. The quickest way to improve your life, or change your situation, is to develop a feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness. When men or women are thankful, certain beneficial forces in Nature are activated in their favor. Live from your higher self, and thank God for everything. Vibrate Naam and in between say thank you to God. Tell people around you how much you appreciate them. Those who pray for others are always blessed. Be grateful and give thanks, and your whole day will be blessed.

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