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Why not make your marriage and love journey a glorious one, by starting off on the right foot, and working with the beneficial forces of nature. Why not fill your love life with joy, love and gratitude by allowing the beneficial forces of nature to give you the very best and highest. When you begin a marriage at the right, joyous and uplifting time, you will find that the rest of the love journey will be so. As you grow into your love relationship, you will find that joy and peace will follow you throughout your couple's life journey. Acting at the right times provides a potent shield of protection and healing. When you start the relationship or begin a marriage at the wrong, low and inauspicious time, you will carry that vibration throughout your love journey unless you do something about it.

It is vital to realize that the most important moment of any act is its beginning moment. The manner in which something is begun determines whether or not it will bring happiness or sorrow. The unseen powers and forces of nature and universal laws are in and around you. When you know how to access and work in accordance with these laws, you can achieve contentment. Contentment is not some elusive material entity. For contentment to be realized, you must follow the laws of nature and listen to the voice inside you, the voice which functions in accordance with universal laws and can guide you toward self-fulfillment. The voice is there, waiting to be awakened. By familiarizing yourself with the divine spiritual wisdom revealed in the Rootlight books and working with a sacred music series, you can awaken this internal voice.

The fate of a relationship can only be altered if we understand the science of timing. When we understand the science of timing, we understand that the beginning of an act is exceedingly important, as forces released can rarely be stopped. In other words, it is far easier to release energy and provoke events than it is to direct, orient, and control them. Therefore, we must never start anything without first knowing the nature of the forces that will be triggered, and the consequences that will follow from the action we have taken. Again, our power lies in the beginning. We must be sure to embark on a course of action that encourages the release of the best of forces. In this way, everything we put out will come back as blessings to others and ourselves.

The sacred system which computes the best date for you to sanctify your relationship has been found to be the most accurate available. We feel sure that the use of this sacred wisdom will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. These truths, which have never before been made public, are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Ignorance of these laws is the disease which continues to brutally shorten the lives of many relationships and bitterly break the hearts of love partners. It is vital for you to take the time to see which way the powerful forces of nature are moving. Knowing the implications and applications of these forces, coupled with personal responsibility, will give you a repertoire of expanded options in your actions related to your love life.

Making the right decision will allow you to properly direct your energies and sow the good seeds that will bear good fruit. In love relationship, it is important to observe the laws of nature, so you may do the right thing for yourself and your partner. Happiness is the price of life. Without making the right decision, you will not have it. Happiness is the discipline of life. Without working with the heavens, you cannot have it. Happiness is the achievement of life. Without spiritual knowledge, you will not enjoy it. True happiness is found in the sacred science.

Understand that it is impossible to predict all outcomes or stop all change; we cannot always know today what God's intention may be for us tomorrow. What is possible is to bring in the compassion of the heavens by acting at the right time and in sync with the universe. Having done that one must maintain an attitude of commitment, constancy, nobility, and awareness. These attitudes allow you to use each movement of time and space, each outcome and fluctuation, to create a victorious life and a noble self projection.

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