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The Black Stone is used against poisoning of the blood caused by the bite of snakes, scorpions and other venomous insects. You have to bleed the site of the bite.

Place the stone on the bleeding spot and as soon as it is in contact with blood, it is attached to the place and coming off when it has absorbed all the poison.

After us,  put the stone in hot water for half an hour. When the crackling stopped, put it in milk for 2 hours.

And finally washed in cold water and allowed to air dry and then the Black Stone can be reused again.

Black stone is shipped via United Parcel Service with signature required.

Return Policy: After the original purchase no returns, refunds or exchanges are granted for any reasons. All sales are final.

Note: Limited quantities are also available at Naam Yoga LA. If you reside in the LA area, visit Naam Yoga LA at 1231 4th St in Santa Monica.

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