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  • The sound vibrations on this CD greatly amplify one's ability to manifest the things they want in this life. When practiced with reverence, these sacred words of power will elevate the self into the bosom of the Divine and establish a direct link with the Spirit. 

    Track Listing
    1 Shema 11:03
    2 El Na Refa Na La 11:04
    3 Boi Ruach Elohim 11:04
    4 Yeh Hesh Shoe Wah 12:42
    5 Kabbalah Breath of Glow 11:00

  • 1 Shema
    This is a powerful prayer that symbolizes the ultimate manifestation of faith and hope in the gravest of situations. Therefore, it is vital to the complex, challenging times we are living in. It translates as Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One and is one of the Jewish traditions most famous sayings. The Torah records that Moses included the Shema in his farewell to the Jewish people. Events occurring in our world may seem to deny the idea that God is One. Shema declares that all events, regardless of how we perceive them, originate in the One. The confusion we feel as we seek to differentiate between "good" and "bad" stems from our limited perception of reality. We must develop the capacity to see God in light as well as in darkness. Shema is a simple and powerful spiritual formula which unites all love-, peace- and light-loving people and brings more divine light into our world. In these complex and karmic times, everyone can help in a simple, yet powerful way: Every morning and evening, take a break from whatever you are doing and say the Shema along with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Concentrate on the meaning of the words. Share this with loved ones and friends.

    2 El Na Refa Na La
    Here is a healing prayer found in the Torah (Numbers 12:13). When Moses' sister, Miriam, is struck by disease, Moses offers the shortest prayer in the Hebrew Bible: El Na Refa Na La, which means, Please, God, please heal her. You too can use this simple prayer of peace, strength and healing in the service of healing yourself and others.

    3 Boi Ruach Elohim
    Boi Ruach Elohim means Come, Holy Spirit and invokes the power of life and the Spirit of the Living God to elevate our consciousness.

    4 Yeh Hesh Shoe Wah
    Vibrating this word of power leads to the true spiritual marriage born from the union of Spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth, to bring about a condition of manifestation of cosmic consciousness. When we allow Spirit to come down into matter to enliven and spiritualize it, we connect with the light of the soul, which brings the harmony of Heaven into our lives.

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