Infinite Substance 2019 Meditation Compilation

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We are deeply grateful to release the Infinite Substance 2019 Meditation Compilation and accompanying guide by Dr. Levry, featuring 2 all-new tracks, created especially to form a sublime blueprint for your entire year and help you attract the opportunities that are in perfect alignment with your highest destiny! According to Divine Spiritual Wisdom, everything we do during the first 12 days of the New Year will impact our entire year. Therefore, working with this meditation practice for the first 12 days of 2019, will synchronize your energy with time and space and clear the course for your most auspicious and successful year!

In 2019, more than any other year, the possibility of excelling in every area of your life, be it in health, wealth, career, relationships, spiritual expansion, personal development or otherwise, is greater and more achievable than ever before. Those who are prepared to tap into the hidden mystical vibration of 2019 understand that the heavens are gifting humanity with a special opportunity for growth on every level and illuminating the path for us to manifest our heart’s desire in both material and spiritual richness. This powerful daily meditation practice, using the power of sound, affirmation, breath, movement and mudra, causes you to catch and ride the massive wave of energy available during 2019. Indeed, this year is the best time to develop and activate within ourselves the consciousness of Infinite Substance. Meditating on Infinite Substance is a practice that will program your brain to manifest abundance in your life.

This Naam Meditation Practice is especially designed to harmonize you with the energies of 2019, and to help you attract the Infinite Possibilities for success in every area of your life. Feel free to continue this practice throughout the year!

Track Listing

1.  Om Namo Bhagavate
2.  Triple Mantra
3.  Positive Vibrations (New Track)
4.  Divine Sodarchan 
5.  Vision Instrumental
6.  Har Gobinday
7.  Long Eck Ong Kar
8.  Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru
9.  Hari Ohm 
10.  Kadosh                                                                                      
11. Guru Ram Das
12. Aleph Star

13. Success Code
14. Walking in the Light
BONUS Track Aleph Star Instrumental (New Track) 
BONUS Track Positive Vibrations

The album is comprised of 16 tracks with the entire practice taking just over an hour to complete. The album also includes the meditation guide which describes each meditations/exercise. 

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