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  • Heart of Naam, the 37th CD from Dr. Levry, is a heartfelt and deeply soulful symphony of mantra and prayer that will liberate the very essence of your being. Featuring 4 all new tracks, these living melodies, rhythms and combination and permutation of sacred words are alive with heart opening power. They will help you access your Divine Light, enveloping you in a beautiful, bright Light that contains more joy and blessing than we can imagine. Wherever we look, we will see only boundless light. Within the unceasing, infinite radiance of this unlimited light there are no shadows. 

    Track Listing
    1 Healing Lumen de Lumine 11:08
    2 Eternal Sat Nam Wahe Guru 11:08
    3 Soulful Wahe Guru 11:01
    4 Oración de la Luz 10:44

  • Healing Lumen de Lumine
    Lumen de Lumine represents the light that is the most powerful factor in Nature's creative work. Lumen de Lumine translates as Light from Light. Deum de Deo translates as God from God, whose Spirit is the bearer of complete Light. Lumen de Lumine also refers to the light that has many degrees of manifestation. There are three main kinds of light. Physical light, spiritual light and Divine light. The light we perceive in the physical world differs from the light that shines in the spiritual world, just as it differs from the light that illuminates the Divine world. Physical eyes access physical light. Spiritual vision accesses spiritual light. Divine vision accesses divine light. By working with Lumen de Lumine you can receive spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend spiritual light. This, in turn, opens up a boundless, marvelous world in which illumination reigns supreme.

    The degree of development of all beings depends upon the quality and quantity of light they possess. A person's character, intelligence and spiritual elevation are judged according to the quality and quantity of light he/she perceives and manifests. In short, a person is known by the light of his/her life; the more radiant the light emanating from an intelligent being, the more mightily it illumines and gives meaning to life, and the higher the intelligence it brings. As we enter the hereafter, it is our level of light that reveals the kind of life we have lived. If we learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, serve others during our time on earth, we will be enveloped with a beautiful, bright light that contains more joy and blessing than we can imagine. Wherever we look, we will see only boundless light. Within the unceasing, infinite radiance of this unlimited light there are no shadows.

    Eternal Sat Nam Sat Nam Wahe Guru
    Vibrate Sat Nam Wahe Guru, and know that Light and consciousness are coursing through you, purifying everything. Vibrate Sat Nam Wahe Guru every morning so as to bring down the blessings from above and invoke the Divinity within. As the light of the Sun rises, so too will this mantra arise and awaken your spiritual energy. Working with Sat Nam Wahe Guru will implant the Lord’s Name within you, bestowing immeasurable blessings and tremendous spiritual growth.

    Soulful Wahe Guru
    Naam is the Voice of God; the Creative impulse that brought all of Creation into being. Our soul, which is of the same essence as Naam, is attracted to the Heavenly Melodies, through which it can travel on through the higher spiritual planes. The voice is the blueprint of our soul. It has a healing aspect which goes back to feed us through the ears. Vibrating Wahe Guru every day will bestow the power of the WORD upon you. This is an incredible power, as the Word is the basic foundation of your spiritual body. Divine knowledge comes through the mastery of the Word. Remember, God spoke first and the world came into being. Therefore, everything emanates from the Word and without words, everything becomes nothing. Vibrating Wahe Guru will spiritualize your speech and bestow a projection for your words to never be forgotten. It will activate the mental condition of unconditional love. 

    Oración de la Luz

    Amor delante de mi
    Amor detrás de mi
    Amor a mi izquierda
    Amor a mi derecha
    Amor encima de mi
    Amor debajo de mi
    Amor en mi
    Amor en mi entorno
    Amor a todos
    Amor al universo

    Paz delante de mi
    Paz detrás de mi
    Paz a mi izquierda
    Paz a mi derecha
    Paz encima de mi
    Paz debajo de mi
    Paz en mi
    Paz en mi entorno
    Paz a todos
    Paz al universo

    Luz delante de mi
    Luz detrás de mi
    Luz a mi izquierda
    Luz a mi derecha
    Luz encima de mi
    Luz debajo de mi
    Luz en mi
    Luz en mi entorno
    Luz a todos
    Luz al universo.

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