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The Hari Om Clapping Series allows you to get rid of all accumulated impurities, as well as any disharmonious energies that may have become trapped within your nerves and muscles. Clapping removes energy blockages within our body so that we may heal physically, spiritually and mentally. It is the symbol of the joy of the soul.

BENEFITS: Hands are the body's natural device for adjustment and repair. An entire assortment of ailments can be alleviated through strategic hand clapping. In this sequence we clap a certain way to heal the heart and brain. As with acupressure and acupuncture, clapping aims to increase our life force and restore our system to its ideal state of health. Clapping relieves stress and strengthens the nervous system. According to Chinese medical theory, the hands contain pressure points that correspond to specific organs and systems throughout the body. Clapping moves your chi to clear any blockages in these areas. Clapping can be used for a wide range of symptoms lurking behind depression. Working with the hands is a practical and easy form of self-healing. We clap a certain way to heal the heart, a certain way to heal the brain, and a certain way to heal the entire body. We clap to bring happiness into our lives. Clapping not only strengthens our life force, it also expresses the victory of Freedom. Clapping treats illness by working on the points of the body from which that illness emanated. It is extremely beneficial in realigning the body and correcting imbalances. By working on both hands for a few minutes daily, you completely reenergize your whole body and glandular system. This quick sequence can be performed any time to bring new life into your body and invigorate your mind. Enjoy it with a smile.

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