Golden Sunrise - Metaphysical Formulas for Health, Wealth & Success

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  • Introducing Golden Sunrise, an unparalleled synthesis of metaphysics, sacred music, healing frequencies and the unstoppable power of the spoken word. Our thoughts and words manifest our reality, therefore what we say must be an investment. These metaphysical codes distill everyday speech into its spiritual essence, turning our prayers and heartfelt wishes into a divine talisman that attracts health, wealth and success into our life. They synchronize our conscious and subconscious mind to clear the way for us to manifest our highest destiny. The music is infused with Solfeggio frequencies to produce an unmistakably positive and healing response within the listener. Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale used in sacred music, including the well-known Gregorian Chants, and are thought to balance one's energy, keeping the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. The specific frequencies layered within the first two tracks were chosen for their ability to bring peace, clarity and emotional harmony.  

    Track Listing
    1 Golden Sunrise 11:05
    2 High Vibrations 11:07
    3 Understanding the Power Behind these Metaphysical Codes 7:35
    4 Hari Om Sunrise  10:13

  • The first track, and the album's namesake, is a complete metaphysical formula for health, wealth and success. Mystics have long known how to craft and sequence certain words to effortlessly command their subconscious minds. In so doing, they were able to invite the graceful flow of success and material richness into their lives. Now, this formula is available for you to bless and enrich your own life. Consistently listening to and/or affirming this formula will energize you, increase your stamina and activate your body's innate self-healing capacity. The second track will make you very magnetic, and bestow a radiant and beautiful aura. It helps bring harmony into all types of relationships, including romantic partnerships. Consistently listening to and/or affirming this metaphysical formula will invite spiritual help into your affairs and make things happen for you. The third track offers a deeper look behind the power of these recordings to help you better understand their application in your life. Track four deflects negative and disturbing astrological influences, brings purity, burns karma and blesses your life with fortune.

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