Forgiveness: A Metaphysical Approach to Healing

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Most of us want to forgive or be forgiven by someone and be free of the past. All too often, however, we become bound to the anger and strong emotions associated with past hurts and traumas. We may find ourselves constantly replaying and ruminating over the past even though we desperately want to free ourselves from the mental prison of resentment, guilt and hurt feelings. To make true and lasting change possible we need to reprogram the subconscious mind, which can only be achieved through a meditative state. This is where metaphysics comes in. 

This recording is a metaphysical code designed to neutralize compulsive thought patterns, emotions and behaviors and deliver healing on a deep subconscious level.  Listening to this rhythmic combination words and music is highly enjoyable. Over time, the simple practice of listening to it regularly will help you realize your true self and restore a certain level of mastery over your life. You can play it any time, day or night. All you have to do is listen. 

Includes: This complete metaphysical practice includes the main metaphysical message along with a guided affirmation
Recommendation: Listen to it daily for 40 consecutive days.  

Music Credit: Sappheiros - Dawn under a Creative Commons license.

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