Divine Mind: Daily Metaphysical Formulas for Healing and Abundance

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Spoken by Dr. Levry, these two powerful metaphysical formulas will align you with the Divine Mind. The first track is a daily metaphysical formula that contains divine spiritual statements of absolute truth that shatter the restrictions and old conditioning ingrained in the subconscious mind responsible for the limitations we may face in our lives. It is a complete, guided daily practice designed to positively transform your life on every level! Start your morning by aligning with your divine mind. This formula is the best way to acknowledge the gift of life and attract blessings. You can also work with it any time of the day whether while driving or commuting, waiting for an appointment, working out, reading, cooking or simply resting. The second ‘Healing’ formula contains a metaphysical code to facilitate self-healing as well as directing the constructive and healing energy of the universe toward others. You can also play it during any healing treatment to maximize the flow of healing energy.

Just as physical food is the nourishment of the physical body, these divine spiritual statements are nourishment for our heart, soul, and spirit. These metaphysical formulas help us rediscover our divine nature so that we may celebrate love, light and freedom within us all.

We must always remember that thoughts and words have the power to bring material things into creation, because they are the blueprint of creation. Words are manifested thoughts that vibrate through the air and can be heard and felt. They carry thoughts directly into the physical plane because their energy is closer to our reality. These divine spiritual statements of truth have been constructed in perfect order and sequence, and they contain everything needed to nourish and sweeten your soul so that all your virtues may be activated. They contribute to the positive creation of a world of light that will become a future of joy and beauty in your life. They contain and carry the divine spiritual light. They nourish the great and higher thoughts that the Creator implanted in us for our future blessings.

Divine Mind is the ultimate combination of scripture and metaphysical statements designed to improve every aspect of your life. By working with these divine spiritual statements of truth, you are directing the power of the universe that can completely and radically transform your life. It will give you strength, success, prosperity, protection, peace and purity. By mastering the elegance, logic and beauty of the divine spiritual wisdom contained herein, you will find the pathway to health, wholeness and harmony.

Track Listing
1 Divine Mind 21:35
2 Healing 17:39

Directions: Listen and repeat along with the recording on track 1 upon waking. You may also do it at any time, playing it as often as you like. Those that work with this prayer on a daily basis will experience an outpouring of Divine Grace in their life. It will do for you more than can be put into words.

Suggested Healing Practice: Begin by first meditating along with the Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Sound track and then immediately followed by reciting the metaphysical formula on track 2 to amplify and maximize the flow of healing energy toward self or others. To direct the healing energy toward a loved one, replace "me" or "I" with their name as you follow along and recite the words found on this recording. It is a mighty healing therapy that can be used both for yourself and as a support for others.  

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