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Unleash your creative power! This Shakti Naam series is bringing new meaning to the world of yoga, health and fitness. This is more than a physical yoga practice, It will unleash your inner creative fire, awaken your energy centers and bring you magnetism and self-confidence as well as vibrant health. It fortifies and enhances the physique without question but also promotes strong nerves, balanced emotions and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system. You have limitless reserve of youth and vitality inside you and these exercises and techniques tap into that source to revive and revitalize your entire body.

This sequence improves your flexibility and mobility, opens up the chest and lungs, strengthens the core and the back, wipes out fatigue, promotes strong digestion, stimulates the metabolism and brings clarity and creativity to the mind. This series is time efficient and easy-to-follow, delivering maximum benefits in minimum amounts of time. With a continued practice, you are strengthening the immune system, enhancing fertility, facilitating healthy detoxification of the body and creating a bright and positive mood. 

Runtime: 47:04

Includes Exercise Guide: Also includes an illustrated PDF booklet with all exercises, descriptions and benefits.

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