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  • Anahata Naad refers to the Vedic concept of the unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm. The heart center, which stands for love and compassion, is where heaven and Earth meet. In order to understand this life, you must understand that Naam is a gift from God and the life-line that will save you during this Dark Age, also known as Kali Yug. The unprecedented accessibility of Naam in this Age of Kali is also the reason why so many highly evolved souls have chosen to be reborn during our time. Through the gift of Naam, we are able to experience rapid enlightenment and bypass hundreds of years of meditation. Indeed, if the world truly became aware of this incredibly rare opportunity to vibrate Naam, the vast majority of souls would become enlightened within a single lifetime. 

    Track Listing
    1 Hari Ohm I Am 11:26
    2 Ra Ma 11:01
    3 Hariang 12:36
    4 Sat Nam Har Haree Remix 11:02

  • 1 Hari Ohm I Am
    Indeed, the saving grace and special spiritual quality of the Age of Darkness is that by simply chanting a Name of God, like Hari Ohm, one can unveil their true spiritual being. The mantra Hari Ohm has been recorded on this, the 33rd CD, because vibrating it leads to self-realization, which is freedom. Freedom, from the darkness of ignorance and negative thinking. Hari Ohm is known as a healing mantra because it brings the student back to God. It is through that state of Oneness that all distinctions and forms of separation, or duality, which manifest in the form of disease and disharmony, are burned away. Those who vibrate this sweet and profound sound will radiate the Light and Glory of Heaven from their being.

    2 RAMA
    The 2nd track is devoted to RAMA, also a name of God, which translates to "He who fills us with abiding joy." Like Hari Ohm, RAMA is an extremely valuable protective and healing mantra that can transform those who echo its powerful sound into true spiritual masters. The positive vibration generated by this mighty sound current has strengthened and protected people for thousands upon thousands of years. RAMA should be used by people who practice healing work, especially when you feel your energy is depleted. By simply chanting along with the 2nd track you will feel your physical energy and health being replenished. RAMA will give you a strong auric field.

    When you chant RAMA, pull the navel in at RA and release at MA. It will eradicate negative energy from your aura, while giving you the ability to feel, see, sense and know, through your spiritual abilities, what others do not yet know or understand. You will gain what humanity has lost; the capacity to carry faith inside your heart. RAMA will set about the forces that are needed to begin the transition that will lead the Earth back into Light.

    3 Hariang
    Hariang, which is the name of God that obliterates blocks in our subconscious mind. Within the mantra Hariang, we have two sounds Hari, and Yang.  Yang is the bij mantra of the heart, and it is usually written as Yam. Yang works on the heart center, removing any blockages or obstruction in the flow of energy in the cardiac region. By vibrating Hariang we are working with Yang, causing the second knot, known as the Vishnu Granthi, to be unlocked and our energy to start flowing upwards, bringing true knowledge and understanding into our consciousness. Sometimes we want to do something but simultaneously hold ourselves back. We take one step forward and two steps back. We justify our reservations to pursue our dreams with the keenest of logical reasoning and, in so doing, persuade ourselves to leave our destiny behind. Hariang is that mantra that will melt away the "reasons" that prevent us from pursuing our dreams. It will bring you into the flow of success and move you into the current of positive change. Even those who have never achieved or had success at anything up to now will find themselves awarded every opportunity. When you work with this mantra you will continuously rise from one success to the next. Why? Because Hariang will cause you to confront all your fears, insecurities, doubts and attachments so that you may break free from them and live your highest most Divine Destiny. It works.

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