Breath Bar: Thyroid Health and Optimal Wellbeing

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This dynamic, modern way to make meditation a part of one's daily life is a beautiful, healing and calming practice for all levels. For those who may find themselves fighting a cold, wanting to prevent a cold, or who may be trying to recover their energy from any illness or overexertion, we recommend doing this sequence morning and evening. In more severe conditions, it is recommended to practice this sequence morning, noon and night for best results! 

Includes Music Playlist with 3 Timed Tracks for Your Practice:
1. Bhramari Pranayam (Brand New Track!)
2. Mystic Sage from Mystic Sage CD
3. The Power of I Am from Mystic Sage CD
4. Heavenly Prayer of Light from Pranic Power CD

Includes 2 Videos:
1. Naam Breath Practice | 25 min (includes optimal rest sessions)
2. Detail Oriented Getting Started Guide that goes over the proper way to perform each breath exercise for maximum benefit. | 7 min

Detailed Instruction Manual: Also includes a PDF manual that can be referenced to get in-depth insight into every exercise, along with description and benefits. Also in Spanish.

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