Breath Bar EXPRESS: 12 Minute Practice for Healthy Lungs

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Breath is the foundation of life; it is our lifeline to the best version of who we are! It is how we turn the air we breathe into usable energy for the body. Every day, we must breathe so as to exercise the lungs and keep them young, elastic and flexible. This breath practice was especially designed to quickly equalize your energy, neutralize tension & enhance emotional intelligence. It is perfect for those always on the go, as well as beginners that have never meditated before. 

Feel free to do this practice any time you need a boost of energy, or to feel connected to your own divine essence! For those who would like an extra challenge, try committing to this practice for 40 days, non-stop, and discover for yourself the impact it can have upon your life!

Includes Music Playlist with 3 Timed Tracks for Your Practice:
1. Bhramari Pranayam
2. Pranic Breath
3. Liberation

Includes 2 Videos:
1. EXPRESS Naam Breath Practice | 20 min (includes optimal rest sessions)
2. Detail Oriented Getting Started Guide that goes over the proper way to perform each breath exercise for maximum benefit. | 8 min

Detailed Instruction Manual: Also includes a PDF manual that can be referenced to get in-depth insight into every exercise, along with description and benefits. 

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