Bhramari Healing Sound - Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation for Brain Power + PDF Guide

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What makes Bhramari Healing Sound, a form of Neuro-Activating Advanced Meditation, such a remarkable healing tool in today’s world?

Bhramari Healing Sound directs the neurological forces to awaken higher circuits of consciousness. This practice creates the neurological shifts necessary to activate vital changes acting as an agent of positive change that result in beneficial shifts in perception. By taking care of the neurons of the human brain along with all the various energetic pathways in the brain, one can develop a greater capacity for clear thinking and intuitive intelligence. When we increase our brain power and develop a better functioning brain, we not only sees opportunities everywhere but more importantly we create them.

This is a mind-strengthening practice that can be shared with the entire family!

Bhramari Healing Sound:
Builds Memory
Supports Children's Mental Development
Soothes and Calms the Mind
Builds a Strong Nervous System
Melts Mental Tension
Grants Relief from Migraines & Headaches
Increases Creative Learning Capacity
Addresses Insomnia
Fights Depression
Reduces Fatigue
Stimulates Muscular Relaxation
Helps in Stress Management
Addresses Anger
Builds Concentration
Gives the Mind Relief from Negative Emotions
Makes the Mind Sharp and Intuitive
Helps to Develop a Non-reactive Mind

This Set Includes:

Bhramari Healing Sound track by Dr. Levry

Illustrated Course Guide (PDF) with Six Meditations + Benefits

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