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In the first-ever audio release of its kind spoken by Dr. Levry, listeners are guided through a special Aum Seed Sound Meditation, prefaced with a profound commentary on this sacred mantra of creation. This powerful and sophisticated meditation reveals a deeply mystical healing sequence of sound, highlighting the healing benefits of each letter A-U-M individually and includes a unique pairing of mudras known to heal our mental, astral and physical bodies. 

AUM represents One Infinite and Universal Mind, the all-embracing consciousness, that which is the very essence of existence, which rules and governs all. Aum aligns us with this perfect God Mind which created us so that Divine love can permeate and saturate our whole body, making us whole and perfect.

Aum, as a sound, symbolizes the supreme source and is considered to be the original, primordial sound, the mantra of creation, allowing us to hear the cosmic sound.  A devotional repetition of Aum will bring one to self-realization.  By vibrating Aum we bring peace and clarity to the mind. Working with each individual letter of Aum, as we do in this meditation, harmonizes our thoughts, feelings, and physical body.

Vibrating Aum can generate a process of transmutation, which ultimately at its most refined stage leads to a perfected being known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Patanjali says with the repetition of Aum obstacles disappear. Aum fulfills the desires of those who chant it with complete faith and devotion.

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