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This powerful recording is designed to support your daily Aleph Star for Health & Prosperity meditation practice. This is a unique version of the traditional Aleph Star Kriya that combines the practice of Square Breath with the mental, silent repetition of a metaphysical code, that works deeply on the subconscious mind. Use this powerful practice, to synchronize your individual energy with universal energy for unparalleled health, prosperity, success and happiness.

Beginner and advanced versions are available so you may choose a breathing pace and posture that suits your needs. The breathing pattern used in this meditation follows a Square Breath sequence which is described in detail in the Meditation Guide PDF created to support your practice. 

It is written that all sorrow and hardship are banished under the protective Light of the Great Star.  It is a symbol of a health and longevity, and its rejuvenating and life-giving benefits cannot be overemphasized. Aleph Star is the ideal human posture of mathematical and divine perfection.  Performing this posture allows us to tap into the great universal healing energy in order to organize, harmonize, coordinate and redirect our inner forces toward self-healing and spirit.

The main key in health is to balance the elements (fire, earth, air, water and space) in the human body, because too much of one element will cause illness in a person.  Within a healthy body all the elements are balanced.  These elements are regulated by positive and negative energies which are part of the bio-electrical system of the body. When functioning at optimal health, this electrical current runs unobstructed through the channels of  the body.

A blockage can cause illness or mental, emotional and physical disorders. Working with this posture increases the life force and brings our system back to ideal health. It is important that the five elements should be in proper proportion within the body. When they are not, undesirable traits and disorders occur. When working with Aleph Star we are expanding our self-healing capacity.  

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