Send Light to the World

Thank you for connecting and sending Love, Peace and Light to the world.

This website is a healing power center created for one purpose: to send healing. We invite you to keep this page open and playing throughout the day with the intention of sending love and light to all the areas of the world currently in need of healing. In the wake of the concurrent natural disasters happening around the world, it is our sincere hope that people from all walks of life can tune into this page so that we can come together to help the entire world through the power of prayer and the sacred word. As soon as you think of a person, a place, or a situation while sending vibrations of love, peace, light, harmony and healing those positive intentions begin to uplift and heal on the quantum level, impacting the energy and frequency of not only your surroundings but all the troubled areas of the world. You are, in essence, a conduit for positive change and divine goodness. We invite you to connect and work with these sacred sounds to send healing energy wherever it is needed in our world today.

Share your uplifting and heartfelt message of love, care and hope here
for others to read and be uplifted by your healing words

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