Divine Spiritual Wisdom Projects and Copyright Law

Rootlight’s mission is to spread the wisdom of Shakti Naam® Yoga, Harmonyum® Healing and Divine Spiritual Wisdom throughout the world so that everyone can benefit from these ancient, powerful and healing teachings.

Rootlight International Inc. is dedicated to excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit within its community, so that the timeless technology for self-healing and upliftment of humankind may be brought to those in need.

You can help Rootlight to fulfill this mission by initiating projects, which bring the wisdom and healing techniques to those, who need them most.

To protect the integrity, authenticity and healing power of the teachings, a copyright license is required prior to the publication of – both non-commercial and commercial – works or products based on Divine Spiritual Wisdom.

 If you have any questions regarding your project and copyright please email to


How to apply for a copyright license?

We thank you for your dedication to the teachings and for putting your heart into helping us to spread Divine Spiritual Wisdom to those, who benefit most.

We are happy to support you by reviewing your project through the legal lens of copyright law requirements.

Note: Please complete an application form for every product and / or project, your are planning to create.

Please complete the Application for RTL Copyright License form online and submit your latest CV and work samples along with the completed form. 

For further information on copyright law and Rootlight copyright guidelines is given in the following two documents: 


What will happen next?

The approval process may take up to 30 days. With larger projects, the application process may be more complex and might need additional 15 – 30 days.


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