A Special journey into the heart of alchemy
July 15-21 (checkout on 22nd) with dr. joseph michael levry

Join us for an extraordinary and spiritually transformational week with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry! These seven magical and life-transformative days of discovery, wisdom and fun at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat are carefully designed to completey heal your being and elevate your consciousness! We are going to vibrate Naam and delve into higher spiritual truths while being surrounded by luxury, amazing food, beautiful scenery and the guidance of an authentic spiritual master. This retreat will pour light into your mind, bring healing and Divine warmth to your heart, nourish your soul and strengthen your Spirit. This is a cherished opportunity that only comes along once a year. It is truly a gift to the mind, body and soul. We invite you to write the next chapter of your life with Divine Spiritual Alchemy.






WHAT'S NEW IN 2018 - Excursion to Maya Ruins

Unique to the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat 2018 is the beautiful and mystical setting, steeped in Maya tradition and influence. This year we are pleased to announce that we will be taking a group excursion to the Maya ruins to explore and discover as a community the tremendous power and heritage of this sacred land and a culture so profound, its effects are still felt today. This is an extremely rare opportunity to experience the transformational and healing spirituality of Naam as a global community while being immersed in this deeply rich and spirituality charged area of the world. Stay tuned for more details on this amazing group excursion which is included in the retreat.  

Divine Spiritual Alchemy  

Each year, Divine Spiritual Alchemy takes students one step further along the path of Truth, Wisdom and Enlightenment, in essence attuning our beings to the ascending vibrations of the New Age of Love. Perhaps the most compelling attraction to Divine Spiritual Alchemy is that we never truly know what aspect of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom the higher world will bestow upon the group during this time and space. Each Alchemy Retreat offers an entirely new recipe for higher consciousness and a chance to come together, rise, expand and strengthen our vessels of light in our ever-changing world. It could not be more fitting that this year’s retreat will be held in a region steeped in the deep spirituality of the ancient Maya civilization, and where we will carry on the tradition of opening our own hearts with the sublime splendor of Divine Spiritual Alchemy. Set aside this time for yourself and join us in the sunny Riviera Maya, where the healing waters of Naam will wash upon the shores of your mind, your body and your spirit with such tenderness and grace that you will not walk away, you will soar away, forever renewed, recharged and eternally refreshed.


At this time of great global change, as we are being called upon to help so many of those around us that are in need, it is possible for all attendees at this year’s retreat to receive the divine transmission of Harmonyum IV. This is an incredible new development that we are especially excited to share! Harmonyum IV is the next generation of spiritual healing, being revealed now to help humankind make the vital leap in our collective evolution of human consciousness.


Our power lies in the unseen world and we know that lasting change can only take place at the causal level. As a practitioner of Harmonyum IV, you will be able to astrally project your body of light to those you wish to heal, safely and gracefully. From that day on, your capacity to serve as a catalyst for healing on the mental, emotional and physical level will no longer be limited by proximity to the person you wish to help. Therefore, when you integrate Harmonyum IV into the fabric of your being, your capacity to heal becomes unlimited. Join us for this rare and unprecedented opportunity to expand your knowledge of distant healing and to become an even greater force of good for those in need.  




The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is a momentous and festive week in the hearts and minds of students of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and for anyone searching for a deeper understanding of life, the nature of creation and the path of self-mastery and enlightenment. We consciously set aside these seven days each year, purposefully leaving behind us the concerns of day-to-day life, in order to create an atmosphere focused on receiving higher truths by delving into the advanced applications of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat offers a tried and tested collection of the word's finest and most sophisticated healing systems, all built into a fun and exciting schedule that you get to create and attend at your own pace.


When the human soul works with the wondrous science of Divine Spiritual Alchemy and embraces Divine Spiritual Wisdom, everything in life progressively falls into place. During our time together at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat, we will vibrate Naam on an ongoing basis, every single day, to clean and burn the seeds of all negative karma so that you may be able to rewrite your destiny for positivity and goodness. These seven days in Mexico will rejuvenate and revitalize your entire body through the time-proven spiritual technology of Shakti Naam Yoga that combines micro-movements with the healing power of Naam to access those parts of the human body that are rarely addressed. Optional Harmonyum Healing, Acupuncture and Naamflexology sessions are available throughout the retreat. For seven continuous days this retreat will pour light into your mind, bring healing and Divine warmth into your heart, nourish your soul and strengthen your Spirit. This is a celebrated opportunity that only comes along once a year. It is truly a gift to the mind, body and soul. We invite you to embark on the next chapter of your Divine Spiritual Alchemy journey.

The Transformational Power of the Daily Naamathons

Naam meditation is the method of organizing the new spiritual body, in which man will begin to live in this New Age of the Glory of Self. Those who take Naam meditation as a spiritual practice derive great physical and spiritual benefit. When you listen to Naam being vibrated by a group of Naam Yogis, such as we do during our daily Naamathons, you make contact with advanced Beings who manifest themselves within the space where Naam is being vibrated. The vibrations of these Beings penetrate far into space through the voices of those meditating and are healing and uplifting to human souls. Naam remains in the space where it has been vibrated for a long time, healing and uplifting all those who come in contact with its Godly energy. Naam contains the tremendous Divine Power that lovingly and blissfully intoxicates all who hear and vibrate it. It is not by chance that the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is held in its new location this year.  

Harmonyum Healing

A true mark of permanent healing is made manifest in the capacity to disengage from our past and step into a new paradigm of healthy living. Harmonyum Healing addresses the deep-rooted physical, emotional and mental issues we carry that confine us to a limited and false idea of our divine nature. Harmonyum Healing treatments are conveniently available at almost anytime throughout the retreat.

Harmonyum Acupuncture Healing Circle

The Harmonyum Acupuncture Healing Circle combines the power of Sacred Sound Meditation, Acupuncture and Harmonyum Healing to generate a deep group healing experience. Recipients report profound and positive energetic shifts during this refined fusion of precious healing modalities. This unique system is based upon the guidance of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Founder of Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System. The circle is led by Dr. Christina Pabers, who has been practicing both acupuncture and Harmonyum Healing for over 15 years.

Community Lectures

The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat provides the perfect platform for the international members of our community to share their personal knowledge and unique perspective on a diverse range of topics such as advancements in medical science and the therapeutic application of Naam meditation, discoveries in sound, conscious business practices, ancient healing remedies, writing and poetry workshops and how to incorporate practical spirituality with modern day living to name just a few topics.


Kid’s Program-this is one place that kids will love!

Children are welcome at DSAR! Children are the most precious light-filled resource of the future and we have wonderful activities and engaging programs for them throughout the retreat. At the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort, there is no limit to a child's imaginative processes. They will be constantly stimulated by nature, wildlife, bicycling, swimming, a Kid's Club, and fed visually by the sheer peacefulness and natural green haven of their surroundings. Travelling with your child to a foreign land can be very beneficial in expanding a child’s awareness of the world and developing their sense of universality. The retreat offers stimulating and fun classes in art, music, dancing, story-telling, yoga and other subjects that are sure to get the young creative mind soaring and expanding!

Family and Guests

At the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat, we are one big universal family uniting in the spirit of love, friendship and higher learning. It is truly a blessing when you can extend this healing experience to your immediate family; children, spouses, parents and those near and dear to your heart. Family and guests are welcome to attend many of the activities at the retreat while simultaneously relaxing in the comfort and luxury provided by the resorts.

If you plan on attending the retreat with family members and loved ones, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the perfect arrangement for your particular needs and desires!


The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat pairs the highest quality of luxury with an advanced program for spiritual enrichment. We want your physical body to taste the unlimited nature of the soul so that they may work in tandem to unleash your infinite goodness. Each day is filled with an exciting list of healing and nourishing activities. We align ourselves with the Divine by beginning each day with Sunrise Meditations and Healing Circles, and then cool off in the pool with Aqua Naam follwed later by revitalizing Shakti Naam classes - all featuring teachers from our international community. During the day, enjoy two-hour “Naamathon” meditation sessions, informative community lectures and Harmonyum Healing treatments. The schedule is open for you to pick and choose the events that fit your personal needs. The highlight of the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat are the priceless evening lectures with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, world -renowned mystic, yogi and Universal Kabbalah Master. Indeed, this is the only venue currently available throughout the entire year where Dr. Levry shares the advanced mystical technology of the mathematics of spirituaity and the practical application of the wondrous art and science of metaphysics with students seeking authentic spiritual knowledge. It is with great joy and love that our beloved teacher continues to bless us with a greater understanding of the nature of the Divine and our unshakable relationship with the infinite source.  

Sample Schedule 2018

(Students will receive final schedule upon arrival to the retreat)

5:45-7:15AM Sunrise Meditations
7:15-7:30AM Healing Circle
7:45-8:00AM Aqua Shakti Naam Class
7:30-10:00AM Breakfast
10:00-12:00PM Health and Movement Classes (Shakti Naam, Shakti Cardio Dance, Back to Life, etc.)
12:00-1:30PM Lunch
1:30-3:30PM Review of Dr. Levry's Evening Evening Lecture and Community Lectures
4:00-6:00PM Naamathon
6:00-7:30PM Dinner
7:30-10:30PM Evening Lecture with Dr. Levry


BanyAn tree mayakoba - a sanctuary for the senses

Banyan Tree Mayakoba is a luxury resort on the famous coast of Riviera Maya. Guests entering this natural paradise are welcomed by green tropical forest canopies that stretch high up into the heavens, decorating the coastline for miles and miles. The architectural sumptuousness of this hidden oasis seems to have emerged from nature herself, transporting one to a time and place rooted in profound harmony and purity. This is an ideal setting to receive the heavenly light of the Divine Spiritual Alchemy, the goodness of the Universe and to see the true light of our soul.    

"Mayakoba", meaning "village on the water", could not be a more fitting word, for the senses are greeted in every direction by tranquil mangroves, fresh water lagoons, and of course the soft waves of the ocean herself. Treat yourself to leisurely walks (or bicycle rides) on paths adorned with rare birds and diverse wildlife, explore the natural dunes or swim out to view the vibrant coral reefs of this exquisite fairy tale-venue. Each esteemed guest receives their own bicycle to explore the nature trails or better yet set out upon the water in your own canoe.

Our DSAR 2018 Naam community will enjoy almost exclusive reign to the entire resort, which we will infuse with the highest vibrations of Naam for seven magical days. This is a peaceful and surreal location to come together each day as we surrender ourselves to the transformative power of activities such as daily Naamathons, Shakti Naam Yoga, and soul-stirring evening lectures with our beloved founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.


Prepare to be pampered and delighted! At Banyan Tree Mayakoba, it is hard to tell where nature ends and begins, for everywhere the eye can see is filled with lush green nature and soothing bodies of water, even upon entering your own villa or room! Indeed, each villa comes with its own private pool and is a world of beauty and elegance unto itself. Each bathroom is like a personal spa with its own jacuzzi and shower, and every amenity is carefully placed within your reach. While you may find it hard to leave the decadence of your spacious and charming villa, we highly recommend venturing out for an exquisite meal with friends and other retreat activities!

AUTHENTIC Maya/mexican CUISINE (And More!)

The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat would not be complete without exceptional food that nourishes the eyes as well as the body! The bright colors, sumptuous flavors, and simplistic charm of the Maya cuisine have informed the Mexican palate for centuries and we will be blessed to enjoy these culinary traditions ourselves at the Banyan Mayakoba resort.   In addition to this specific cuisine, rest assured we have taken into consideration the diverse needs and desires of our global group in order to provide the freshest and most delicious meals that will satisfy each person's needs and delight the taste buds.    


Due to the nature of the advanced and vast spiritual material that will be revealed, the 2018 Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is only open to Naam Yogis and those who have taken the transcendental healing system of Harmonyum, along with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, who are ready to receive the secret and higher mysteries of Divine Spiritual Alchemy (to see if you quality, inquire by calling the number below.) We consciously set aside these seven days each year, purposefully leaving behind the concerns of day-to-day life, in order to create a sacred atmosphere focused on receiving higher spiritual truths, healing ourselves and sending healing to our loved ones, and also, to the entire world. Join an international and heart centered community of advanced spiritual seekers, from all walks of life, to delve deeply into the mind-blowing principles and practical applications of Divine Spiritual Alchemy.

Registration Details

Due to the nature of being abroad, each participant in the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is kindly required to provide helpful information that will allow us to be prepared for any circumstance throughout your journey to Riviera Maya, Mexixo, during your stay at the retreat and including your journey home. Upon registration we will provide you with the necessary forms to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey!

Travel Details

More information coming soon!


Please take the time to check your passport’s expiration date for travel!  

What is DSAR?

DSAR is an acronym for the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat, an annual retreat where students from all over the world come together to learn advanced applications for self-healing as well as the high mystical science of Divine Spiritual Alchemy.

When should I arrive?

Participants should arrive on July 15th in plenty of time to rest, unpack and prepare themselves for the evening’s opening event with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry which will begin between 7-8PM.



5:45-7:15AM Sunrise Meditations
7:15-7:30AM Healing Circle
7:45-8:00AM Aqua Shakti Naam Class
7:30-10:00AM Breakfast
10:00-12:00PM Health and Movement Classes (Shakti Naam, Shakti Cardio Dance, Back to Life, etc.)
12:00-1:30PM Lunch
1:30-3:30PM Review of Dr. Levry's Evening Evening Lecture and Community Lectures
4:00-6:00PM Naamathon
6:00-7:30PM Dinner
7:30-10:30PM Evening Lecture with Dr. Levry

How long is the retreat?

The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is 7 days long. Participants arrive on the 15th of July and stay through July 21st. Check-out is on July 22nd.

Which airport should I fly into?

Participants should fly into the Cancun International Airport.

Will there be a shuttle service?

There is an excellent shuttle service that participants may choose to use to book their shuttle transfer to and from the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort. We highly recommend booking your reservation by July 10th.  

What can I expect upon arrival?

Once you arrive at the retreat, there will be a friendly and helpful registration and hospitality team to help you check in, find your room, and become acquainted with the resort. Keep in mind that there is an opening evening event on July 15th with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry that will begin between 7-8PM.

What is the schedule like?

The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is full of amazing, health-giving activities. We begin our day with sunrise meditations using sacred breath techniques, including an invigorating, yet low-impact cardio set, and Naam meditations to infuse our beings with health and energy. Participants can choose from educational community lectures, Aquatic Shakti Naam classes in the pool overlooking the ocean, indoor Shakti Naam Yoga classes for beauty and youth, daily “Naamathons” filled with Naam meditation and of course, evening lectures with the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. We invite participants to go at their own pace and to pick and choose activities in a way that allows them to both relax and benefit from the offerings without feeling stressed.

Will there be an excursion to local ruins in the area?

One day of the retreat is set aside for a half-day group excursion to the archeological site of Tulum, one of the only ancient Mayan cities built on the coast. Here one can get a sense of the deep sacredness of the land and visit the mystery-filled and well-preserved Mayan buildings and temples while also enjoying a vast view of the ocean.

What kind of food can I expect at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba?

Be prepared to be treated to an amazing selection of fresh, seasonal and visually stunning food based on both Mayan and Mexican culinary influences. The retreat tuition cost includes three delicious meals each day. Lunch and dinner are available on arrival day (July 15th) and breakfast is available on checkout day (July 22nd).

Are there any special qualifications needed to attend the retreat?

Over the years, we have found that the advanced knowledge presented at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat can best be understood and assimilated when one has been adequately prepared with a solid foundation of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Foundational Courses such as Evolve (Naam Yoga Teacher Training), Harmonyum Healing Certification Courses, and the Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program, which can be found at https://edu.naamyoga.com/ , provide the ideal preparatory material and information for students to fully grasp the vast spectrum of deep metaphysical and spiritual knowledge available at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat.

Who is Dr. Joseph Michael Levry?

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is a world-renowned mystic, spiritual leader, musician, best-selling author and the founder of Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and the Harmonyum Healing System. He is also the founder of the annual Global Gathering for Peace and Healing, which unites hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world each year for the single purpose of world peace.

Are children welcome at DSAR?  

Children are welcome at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat and are sure to enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Banyan Tree Mayakoba surroundings. Children ages 5-16 may participate in the children’s program which offers fun and educational daily classes, nature outings, Naam meditations, Yogic movement, dance, Mayan mask making and much more.

Are family and loved-ones welcome?

Family and loved ones are welcome to accompany registered students to the retreat and may attend many of the retreat activities as well as enjoy the healing services provided in our wellness menu.  

Can I receive Harmonyum Healing sessions at DSAR?

Harmonyum Healing sessions and Naamflexology are available throughout the retreat. We invite all participants and guests to take advantage of the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Wellness Menu and pre-book their Harmonyum Healing sessions now as spaces are limited. All of our healing sessions will take place in the Banyan Tree Mayakoba’s award winning spa “Rainforest”. Those whose private villas contain outdoor massage tables may desire to book their sessions in the comfort of their own villas.



Treat Yourself and Your Loved Ones to a Luxurious Healing Experience!
Book your treatments before July 10th and benefit from special pricing!


Experience an Unprecedented Pairing of Harmonyum & Acupuncture within One Unique Treatment!

One of the profoundly healing highlights of the yearly Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreats is the Harmonyum / Acupuncture Healing Circle led by Dr. Christina Pabers. During this special group event, participants receive a unique acupuncture healing treatment followed by a powerful Harmonyum Healing session. Our team of acupuncturists and Harmonyum Healing practitioners is waiting to transport you to deep levels of relaxation and restoration! Please bring a comfortable pillow, blanket or mat of your choice to this event for maximum comfort.


Relax, Purify and Turn Back the Clock with the Vivifying Touch of the Harmonyum Healing System!

Let the deeply relaxing and healing energy of the Harmonyum Healing System wash away your stress, melt tension and restore your entire being to a state of divine harmony. Harmonyum Healing sessions will turn your body into a youthful and glowing lighthouse while promoting health, agelessness, and lasting feelings of inner contentment and healing satisfaction. Book your session today and experience the profound restoration of body, mind and spirit that come as a result of taking care of the deep needs of the soul using the spiritual elegance and sophistication of the Harmonyum Healing System!

DSAR Harmonyum Healing Offerings - BOOK A SESSION IN ADVANCE


Heal Your Body and Mind Using a Mystically Advanced System for Healing through the Feet!

The feet are a most exquisite and architecturally refined wonder and the precious foundation from which we live, play and enjoy the miracle of life. The health of our feet is directly related to our physical wellbeing and our emotional balance. Naamflexology is much more than a standard foot massage or reflexology treatment, as it draws upon a little known biblical and mystical understanding of the feet. A healing portal to the entire body, it is through the feet that we can access hundreds of seemingly invisible reflex points, meridians and nerves that impact our organs, our mobility, our brain function and are crucial to our ability to truly unwind and relax. Space is limited so book your session today!

dsar Naamflexology Offerings - book in advance
(spaces are limited)


See your life through the lens of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and your planetary influences, and gain momentum over your karmic patterns for a life of success, happiness and a vast understanding of the purpose and meaning of life!

For the first time ever at the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat, our Holistic Kabbalistic Counselors are ready to sit with you and/or your loved ones on a one-one-one basis and take you on a wisdom-filled journey that will shed light and insight upon every aspect of your life. These life-changing counseling sessions will guide you toward information and understanding that will help you improve your health, your relationships, your career and accelerate your overall spiritual growth. Clients will also receive profound “take-aways” in the form of healing Naam meditations, breath techniques and many other tools that will carry one into the future and help one to navigate life with grace and confidence.

Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling Offerings - Book IN ADVANCE


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