This extraordinary recording is our gift to you this holiday season. It contains a timeless formula for self-improvement, self-healing and self-actualization. Our only wish is for you to positively transform your life, achieve your loftiest dreams and make 2019 the best year of your life. All you have to do is listen.



There is a power around you that knows and understands all things. This power works like a spiritual soil that receives the seed of our thoughts and words, and begins to operate upon them. Everything we think and speak is taken in by this infinite power and pushed out into our reality. The Divine creates with the word, therefore, we must learn to create with the word. We must speak that word with authority, because the word is at the center of all creation and is the first cause, the starting point of all that we see.

We are surrounded by a Universal Subjectivity, a Subjective, Creative Consciousness, which is receptive, neutral, impersonal, always receiving the impressions of our thoughts, and which has no other option than to operate directly upon them, thus creating the things which we think and speak. There is an invisible spiritual power that operates on what we say, and does unto us according to our words. Therefore, consciously speak your words into Infinite Mind, and know that Infinite Mind receives them, accepts them, acts upon them and produces them. We are planting the seeds of our thoughts in Subjectivity, therefore we need not have any fear concerning the outcome, but instead operate in complete faith and knowing that our thoughts and our words will indeed grow and bear fruit. Our part in this crystallization process is to only set the words in motion, thus compelling, through the law of Subjectivity, the result or manifestation.

First, remember that nothing happens by chance. All is law and all is order. You create your own laws every time you think and speak. We have a right to have and should expect to have in this world all that will make for a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious life. Observe the limitless abundance present in nature provided by our loving and generous Creator. Indeed, we are all children of a loving Creator who wants nothing but to give us His limitless abundance. We need to accept the truth that we are all entitled to the beautiful and wonderful things that our Beloved Creator has put on this Earth. The Divine is our unlimited and permanent supply. The Creator’s perfect idea of us sustains each of us in all ways. Simply put, Infinite Mind created us in order to express its limitless supply through us. The reality is, however, that we get what we are. Our consciousness is what we are. As we expand our consciousness, our good increases. As consciousness grows it will manifest in enlarged opportunities and a greater field of action. Our life today is the result of the words which we spoke, consciously or unconsciously, yesterday. The words which we speak today are the laws which will govern our life tomorrow. The trouble is that we are not blessing our life with our thoughts or words. We live in a spiritual universe governed by thought and word, which become the law that creates what we call matter.

When we decide to work with the statements on The Success Code, we can begin reeducating our mind and recreating and redirecting the subjective state of our thoughts. Through conscious repetition we are setting these words in motion, so as to cause, through the law of Subjectivity, their manifestation in our life. Your words have only the power that you consciously put into them, no more and no less. The word is all that we will ever need to bring us joy, health and success into our life. We have to account for every word that we speak because all is the action and reaction of our subjective mind. Feel that you are surrounded by all the power that there is when you speak and never doubt that what you say will manifest. The spoken word shall bring it to pass by the power that we consciously spoke into it. Therefore, we should speak right out into Perfect and Infinite Mind all that we desire and believe that it will be done unto us.

The combinations of words on The Success Code track are the instruments through which the invisible spiritual substance takes form. There is a seed of power in the words contained in these divine spiritual statements. With consistent repetition, these words will project themselves into your physical reality to manifest the very same in your own life. Let us realize and accept that every improvement of our own life makes us a more powerful instrument for healing and expanding the lives of others. We should allow prosperity to flow into our lives from as many sources of abundance as possible. After all, there are many forms of wealth. From love to wealth to health, by working with The Success Code we open the flow of prosperity in every area of our life.

This deeply healing recording contains the following lifeline verses set to a hypnotic rhythm for maximum benefit on our subjective mind:

“Har Har, every day, in every way I am better and prosperous.”


“Har Har, Infinite Substance manifest in me, now, Wahey Guru.”

The first verse comes partly from a French psychologist, Émile Coué, who used this simple formula to reverse all manner of disease and achieve miraculous cures. This Success Code builds upon this formula by combining this historically effective autosuggestion tool with sacred words to make it even more impactful on the subjective mind. The second verse is purely metaphysical. Through it you are identifying with infinite substance by speaking to Universal Mind and It has no escape but to act by going to work on your dreams and heartfelt desires. Every time we say I Am, we are recognizing the eternal infinite presence of omnipotent power within ourselves, which is Divine Intelligence operating through our thoughts. It is important for us to realize in our consciousness that Substance is Spirit, Spirit is nothing but God, our beloved and generous Creator. There is no power but God, and God is all that there is. By doing so we implant this divine idea in the Creative Power, so that it may be externalized in our life.

We must imprint these statements in our subjective mind, until our consciousness grows more on the positive side, so that it may manifest in our life according to the law. In this way we will rise beyond our old ideas of lack and limitation. Understand that the creative energy has only one method of operation, which is through reciprocal action from your subjective or subconscious mind to the Universal Mind, the infinite and everlasting source, and then from the Universal Mind back to your own subjective mind. Impregnated with this infinite energy from Universal Mind, your subjective mind unfailingly creates or manifests the idea you imprinted upon it. Today, we are making this alchemy of words freely available to all who wish to better themselves through the conscious petition of their subjective mind with the special holiday release of the Success Code.

In addition to listening to this track at various times of the day, some of you can, if desired, listen to these words for five minutes prior to sleep. This will cause the subjective mind to bring them to pass in your experience. The feeling of “every day, in every way, being better and prosperous”, will produce the very same in your daily life. Allow these words to circulate in your thoughts and keep them in mind at all times. To change your waking reality your conscious and subjective mind must agree. That is why it is imperative that you deposit these thoughts in your subjective mind every day, for empirical evidence has proven this remarkable process time and time again and you too will be amazed at the results in your own life. Therefore, sustain this awareness, and the deeper currents of your subjective mind will bring them to pass.

Get into the healing and prosperous practice of often praising and blessing everything you have and imagine it growing larger and better. We must see ourselves as being the center of Divine distribution of abundance, prosperity, expansion, richness, opulence, luxury, wealth and success. Thankfulness and gratitude maintain our connection to the unlimited source of our supply. Indeed, you allow yourself to receive through your belief, expectation, thankfulness and gratitude. By generating the feeling of abundance, prosperity, expansion, richness, opulence, luxury, wealth and success, we create a vibrational frequency, and an energy that attracts the very same. The action of cultivating the feeling of abundance, prosperity, expansion, richness, opulence, luxury, wealth and success opens the way for greater supply. Keep in mind that God is the spiritual substance. This spiritual substance is alive and we are all connected to it. This spiritual substance is a cosmic bank of unlimited goodness. We can no more be separated from our unlimited supply than life can be separated from its origin.

The Success Code was created especially for you to open the door of your mind to an inflow of unlimited supply. Those that will act on the expansive ideas that will come to them as a result of this practice will manifest a more prosperous life. Realize your oneness with Infinite Mind. You are unified with the one living substance, which is God, your unlimited support. We are each created from this infinite substance; in it we live and move and have our being; by it we are fed and prospered. The Success Code is a metaphysical instrument of positive change designed to help you work with infinite substance in order to supply all your needs. The more conscious you become of the presence of this infinite substance, the more It will manifest Itself for you and the richer will be the common good of all. It is our wish that each of you be blessed and that every day, every way you are better and prosperous. May infinite intelligence manifest in each one of you now and forever. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous, happy, love and light filled holiday season!

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