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This 2-CD set features 6 ALL NEW tracks! The first 3 tracks focus on your health and are a complete morning practice designed to give you lasting energy, mental clarity and emotional harmony. The mantra on the 4th track, Jap Man Sat Nam (5x) Sada Sada Sat Nam, translates as, "Oh my mind meditate on the Supreme Truth; God is Truth." The 5th track, Om Satyam Param Dhimahi, is a Bij mantra that releases the spark of life. It causes us to meditate on the highest Truth, and Truth is that which gives us freedom. Everything that is not aligned with Truth shall leave your life when you meditate with this mantra. Therefore, begin your practice when you are ready for change. There can be no negativity in the presence of this sacred prayer. It is for complete protection from all seen and unseen forces. Those that meditate with it will accelerate their spiritual growth. More concrete details about this mystical album will be revealed at a later date.

Track Listing
1 God is My Life
2 Life Energy
3 Rise
4 Jap Man
5 Om Satyam
6 All is Well

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