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As we navigate the various new mutations of the Coronavirus, such as Deltacron, Flurona and others, the Eck Ong recording has been especially created to help take care of brain fatigue, chronic fatigue, and especially the brain fog that many are experiencing during this time. Working with this track and accompanying meditation will refine and upgrade your command center, which is your brain. It will not only slow down the aging process, it will also give you high and positive energy, brain power, stamina, balance, one-pointed focus, and equilibrium to face any challenges you may encounter throughout your day. Above all, this practice it will raise your consciousness while balancing and regenerating your entire being. The seed sound Eck Ong, vibrated exactly 60 times, will cause you to experience a positive transformation and heighten your innate healing power. 

 This product includes:

1. Eck Ong music track

2. Downloadable Meditation Guide

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