2024 Naam Meditation Practice: RENEW - Music Playlist & Video (HD)

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Upon popular request we are excited to share the 2024 New Year Meditation practice video and music playlist designed by Dr. Levry: R E N E W. This fantastic video meditation companion has been designed to make your 2024 practice easier than ever by supporting and encouraging you to keep up with your daily meditations while ensuring each pose, exercise and meditative technique is performed properly and masterfully through expert video guidance for optimal results. All you have to do is press play and enjoy your meditation session in the comfort of your home. Includes both a morning and optional evening practice!


This powerful meditation practice created for 2024, is designed to align you with the specific vibration of this year, in order to face what is coming with grace and divine protection. This customized practice will help deflect the negative influence of Uranus, which will remain in Taurus until April 2026, and prepare us for the changes ahead.

During the coming year, our mind may feel like a shattered piece of glass, due to the fact that so much is going on. In order to address it, we need higher medicine, higher thought. The mind has to be given the medicine of higher vibrations. Higher thought is the medicine of the mind and this practice will take you there.

When you work with the sound vibration in this practice on a daily basis, it causes all of time and space to be purified. You are planting the vibration of the divine in your heart where it will grow and spread its radiance throughout your entire aura.

The mystical seed sounds included align us with the vibration of the year creating a beautiful harmony between us and the stars. They plant a divine seed in the heart, in order to cause us to pierce the core of truth and understand the nature of reality. Seed sounds take the mind and heart to an experience of its origin. The Alpha 120 HZ Bhramari track will activate your emotional and intuitive intelligence - it will give you a super brain, a prosperous brain that sees opportunities everywhere. 

The 2024 Naam Meditation Practice is a spiritual formula that causes your psycho-electromagnetic field to work in positive and beneficial ways to attract opportunities and blessings. The mind will become crystal clear, the body completely aligned, and the brain will become awakened and illuminated so that it knows exactly how to help us navigate 2024 with divine grace and protection.

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