Universal Cycles Calendar 2019

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Universal Cycles Calendar
The Universal Cycles at a Glance

Imagine that each year is a beautiful rainbow and that every fifty-two days the Earth will spend time basking in one of its seven colors! 

The Universal Cycles Calendar reveals the planetary energies that illuminate the celestial “rainbow” that humanity passes through each year and how each fifty-two day period is influencing the Earth, our health, our relationships, our prosperity, our energy levels and many other areas of our lives that many remain unaware of throughout their entire lifetime!

Working with and meditating upon the Universal Cycles Calendar gives you a chance to wake up and align yourself with Nature’s higher laws and principles so that you may invite more happiness, good fortune, positivity, and health into your life.

Receive specific guidance that allows you to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and know when the Universe is supporting you to improve your health, your career, your love relationship and countless other aspects of your life!

Note: Your calendar will be shipped beginning of January 2019.

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